Wednesday Worked for Me

 Here are a few of my "finds" at a thrift store and garage sale yesterday.
 This print is attractive to me and might have a little age on it (?)
 The frame is interesting, too, and quite a large one!
I thought this pair of sponge holders quite charming.
A fish and a frog.
 The front paperweight was marked 25 cents. 
I'm happy to add it to my collection (and sad about the quality of the picture).
I'm always up for a well-patterned tin. 
This one found a place with those in the red color family.
Wednesday WORKED for me this week!
What "treasures" are YOU finding these days????

The Latest

 I saw an announcement on Saturday evening announcing that
 items left over from a garage sale were sitting out in a driveway.
 "Free.  Help yourself," it said.
 Imagine my delight to find these curtains - clean and neatly folded!
I couldn't have picked out anything better NEW at the store.
 There were also these "His and Hers" Bailey mugs...
 and this pair of vases.
 I've already filled one with wildflowers (i.e. weeds) from a vacant lot next door.

NOTHING beats "wild and free"!


Most of the time (maybe 65%--I'm guessing here), 
the items I come home with after garage-saling or thrift-store-shopping
 are not as utilitarian as this.  
But I've been wanting one of these for a long time.
I found it this week for 75 cents. 
It's already served me well.
My husband removed the rest of the white plastic coating
that had begun chipping off on one of the handles,
sanded down the board a bit,
and applied some mineral oil to it before I used it. 

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be
useful or believe to be beautiful."  (William Morris)

What's the most utilitarian item YOU'VE purchased at a garage sale or thrift store lately?

Summer Thrift

 These were some of my finds
that resulted from a quick stop at My Favorite Thrift Store
on the way to meet a friend for an early lunch
on this first day of summer.
I have a few other red and white vintage pot holders
 and LOTS of white vases and ironstone pieces!
 It was hard to pass up the owl pattern on this knit piece.
The Visions sauce pan was a curbside find from yesterday.
The End.

Enjoying my "Blue"

 I was happy to find the larger of the plant waterers at a garage sale for a quarter.
 I already owned the smaller one...and haven't had a lot of luck using it for its advertised purpose.
 However, I have trouble passing up anything that's blue and glass and reasonably priced!
So the second, larger one came home with me.
Then when I saw this bowl and the potter's mark on the bottom,
I spent ANOTHER quarter!
Lehman-Goertzen Pottery is an on-site working pottery housed in an 1890's factory
turned artisan studio complex located in Goshen, IN.
I've visited the pottery a few times--wistfully touching the beautiful wares,
but without the funds to purchase anything.
So I was VERY elated to find and purchase my first piece!
I'm enjoying my "blue" today.  
Do YOU have a favorite blue item?

Church Rummage Sale

 Described here as: 
Pair of Pot Metal Cat Figural Pins
 $20.00 (€14.54),
I found my pair (pictured above) at a church rummage sale today.
Mine are actually in better condition than those shown on this link
and are brown rather than gray.
(If you'd be interested in purchasing the kitty cats, send me a note with an offer.
It shouldn't cost too much to ship them.)
 I couldn't resist this wooden pair!
They were in a box of Christmas goodies that I took the time to dig through.
This piece of "naive" pottery caught my eye, too.
The price was right, and it fits nicely in my collection.
We arrived mid-afternoon.
I'm sure I missed some goodies by not arriving when the doors opened at 8:00.
Oh well.

Accessorizing with Thrift Store Items

Last week I hung these two oil paintings on either side
of a large mirror on our living room wall.
Underneath the mirror is a stand on which this smaller painting sits
along with these three decorative tins.
All of these items except the small painting were found at thrift stores or garage sales.

Meet and Greet

 - Just so you don't give up on me -
Our grandchildren were visiting.
That's where my energy and time have been spent--
and spent is a good word for it!
I was the "designated driver" one afternoon
as my two daughters and 3 of the 5 grandchildren
went garage-saling.
We also stopped at a small thrift store where I purchased
eight blue-tinted drinking glasses.  
I like to keep a good supply - don't even care if all the patterns match--
just so they're blue and glass.  
These were in perfect condition (even though the one on the left appears smudged).
After a day of rest, I should be back in good blogging form again...
OH!  And "hello" to my latest FOLLOWERS!
(I must have been driving to garage sales
when I got my 100th FOLLOWER.)
I'll be around to Meet & Greet soon.

Return of the Wardrobe

I'm back!  Well, the wardrobe part of "me". 
Clothes weren't on my shopping list until I returned to
a comfortable "poundage" (if you catch my drift).
I'm almost there.
Enough that I fit into some of the clothes waiting for me
in my closet.
Thrifted clothes - like this jacket, sleeveless dress and belt.
More to come.
Incidentally, I think every single item in this picture
came from a thrift store or was found on a curb
 (like the faux fireplace).
...globe, white creamers/pitchers, pillows, chair, chalk board, white framed mirror on the wall, corner shelf...