thrifting in murphy

 A beautiful drive on this sunny day through the Natahala Gorge took us to Murphy N.C.
 While hubby golfed, I hit the thrift stores - and there were several.
 In the first one, I found the piece of pottery (above) which I adore for its "naive" quality, 
shape and size.  Lying in it are the earrings I bought.
They appear to have been locally made (there are many crafters & artisans in the area).
Just in side the entrance to another store, there was a huge bin of books
offered for 10 cents each.  It took me awhile, but I came up with these treasures.
Do I need one more book?  No!
But I couldn't leave THIS one (below) behind.
A vintage Golden Book in quite good condition!
Elsewhere in North Carolina, but a few days ago,
I found THESE....
 ...a needle-worked picture of a red-roofed, cozy cottage and another piece of pottery--
both of which fit small collections I have back home.

dollar day

 The white blouse (it'll be fine after a quick ironing)...
 and the "hot coffee" tee
were a dollar each at a thrift store outside Franklin, North Carolina...
  So was this pair of wide-legged, denim capri!
 I like the front pockets.  They fit "like a glove"!
I can't wait to wear them.
 I had to go with this bit of Seuss whimsy! 
It was W-A-Y less than a dollar.

vacation tools

Getting ready for vacation involves pulling out some essential that I've purchased very
inexpensively in thrift stores throughout the years.  No need spending big bucks on luggage
when vintage specimen can be found inexpensively!  The travel bag has served me well.  I currently use it to transport my computer, a few books, and hotel samples of shampoo and lotion as I gather them along the way.
Believe it or not, all the clothes I need for the 2 weeks are packed
in this white suitcase (which really ISN'T as dirty as it seems).
Back home in a high shelf in our closet, it has a "twin"--well almost a twin.
Sometimes one or the other or both hold out of season clothes.
Comfortable walking shoes are another travel "must".
After a day of travel, I see that these are going to serve me well!
  I'm ready to check out a few thrifts stores while my husband golfs this morning.
Though I've cut back significantly on purchases, it's a recreational activity that I enjoy.
 My journal is one of the books I pack (along with my Bible).
THIS time I forgot the scissors and tape that I usually bring along to
attach memorabilia as I go....
 and a jacket of some sort is always important to have.
This is one of a "collection" of denim jackets that I have acquired
thanks to thrift store shopping.  It's one of my favorites.

a retro week

A thrifted key chain in retro colors with my retro name!
 In the early 70's, I still answered to "Becky".
(When I turned 40, I switched to the full name I was given at birth--Rebecca.)
In the early 70's I was finishing college.
I don't believe there WAS such a thing as cassette tapes, 
but I had a wonderful, portable stereo in my dorm room.
Among my favorite LPs were these two--now showing up as cassette tapes
in one of My Favorite Thrift Stores for a quarter each!
They play beautifully on the small Emerson recorder I also found this week for $3.00.
It's been a VERY nostalgic week
 Did I say "it sold"?  I'm kind of sad.
I asked hubby to paint it a color I could work into our own home
if it didn't sell.
Well, it did.


 The north end of our living room is having a sort of
 seasonal-schizophrenic experience.
 It's stuck somewhere between spring and winter.
 With night-time temperatures of 35 degrees,
I'm having difficulty
making the transition complete.
I'm having the same difficulty with my wardrobe!
Maybe when we return from our vacation it will be the right time.
Everything in these pictures except the wooden rocking chair
that belonged to my grandparents
and the shelf on top of the shelf behind it
was purchased at either a thrift store or garage sale.
EVERY thing.
(OK.  Two more exceptions.  The lit lamp above and the clock.)
NOW I think everything.

wrought iron i have known

A  recent "in search of" request on a facebook garage sale site sent me scrambling.
Here's what I came up with.
Items I've "found" over a period of years...
photographed pretty much as I found them--
dust and all.
 Not a pair, is about 19" tall; the other a tad shorter.
 34" tall, this piece is stately and holds many possibilities.
 a 36" pair of hand-wrought, hanging candlelabras
a string holder, I think.
I'm sure I have a trivet or two around here somewhere, too.
Wrought iron objects.  Apparently another collection of mine.

fun and games

 He finished it - and it is BEAUTIFUL!
 You may wonder 'bout this, but I wanted to share a thrifty tip...
 we use these for picture hangers.  They work great!
It's a small thing, I know, but it all adds up.
And finally, an explanation of why I've been so spotty and random in my posts!
We're long-distance grandparents, so when we have them for a few days,
things pretty well revolve around them here at "Gatescroft" (as we call our house).
Here, I'm reading a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book - Betty MacDonald, author.  
They are SO entertaining and fun to read and the children absolutely love them.  
The two paperback ones I currently own
were both purchased at a thrift store - as were the games & puzzles below.
Ten cents go a l-o-n-g way in THIS grandparent's bag of tricks!