her new kitchen

Our youngest daughter sent us these photos of her "new" kitchen.
I've posted them primarily for myself - wanting to get larger views 
than my cell phone screen afforded me.
I'm proud of hmeer husband and her. 
This is the first home they've actually owned.
They've been busy painting these cupboards,
and she's looking forward to the installation of an attractive backsplash soon.
Our OTHER daughter recently moved into a "new" old home, too.
Soon I hope to see photos of their kitchen which is currently being painted.
I'm sad that I don't live closer to them.
I'd be there in a blink (though recovering from hip replacement, I'd not be much help...)

a little bit

 a little bit of paint on this frme changed the personality of
the needlepoint floral....
 and a little bit of change - 25 pennies -
purchased this sweet sugar bowl (marked Bavaria)
at my favorite thrift store this morning.