There we were.  Minding our own business.
On the way to somewhere.
Suddenly!  Garage sales peppered all OVER the small town we were passing through!
 One thing led to another and
almost before we knew what happened,
we were the ecstatic owners of three new items!
It was so unintentional.

simple and free

 It doesn't get much thriftier than free
(or purpler than above)!
 After church this morning, my husband and I
parked the car and set out for a leisurely walk
through an unfamiliar (to us) neighborhood.
 I used my cell phone now and then to capture sights
that interested me.
 I wish I'd taken more photos now.
There were so many unique features and lovely landscapes.
 This last one seemed especially significant and reassuring
as we returned home to the news of the horrific happening in Orlando.
Thankful that the best things in life are simple and require no money--
including prayer.

the rustic-er the better

My new favorite magazine...
Actually given its size and price ($19.95)
it's more like a book.
It's FULL of rusticity--
and for me currently, the rustic-er the better!
 Here is one rustic piece of ours 
sitting on our front porch.
I'd love to have an entire room full!


These shoes.
Wiped down and ready to wear.
Just right.