hygge on my mind

A visit to Coffee Tea Books and Me  and a link therein
gave me a new lens through which to view this corner of our bedroom--
a hygge corner to me. 
It also left me wondering what form (if any)
hygge will take this spring...
By the way, without using the word itself,
Abigail Ahern NAILED the essence of hygge here, in my opinion! 
(Let me know YOUR reaction to her post, will you?)

weird, unpractical and stupid

 ... the one thing I really needed to hear again, and to feel in her home: you should not be able to walk in a straight line from one place to another. Sounds weird? Unpractical? Stupid? Well, try it! Don’t be afraid to make a cozy nook a place you would never have thought of, don’t be afraid to put that huge palm where you are suppose to take the easiest walk to the next room. It makes such big exciting changes, like a little jungle of layers and discoveries. And thanks to Abigail‘s reminder I put an old bench in the middle of the tiny kitchen. Where you are suppose to walk straight from the stove to the dishes. And I love it. And my husband loves it too! We sit there with our coffee and lunch, feeling like the house has expanded, even though I’ve just made less floor space! Who would have thought so? 

Abigail Ahern, I knew.
Villa Betula?  I'm just getting acquainted!
The paragraph above was all I needed to place my newly-upholstered old stool
where I did--
Right where you're supposed to walk straight from doorway to stairway
Weird? Unpractical? Stupid? 
Thanks, Maren.

making it happen

My thrift store excursions are much rarer these days.
However, once in awhile, I venture out with a specific goal.
This time it was to find suitable fabric to cover a footstool.
I was thrilled to find a remnant for $.99!

My husband went to work to make it happen,
and I am so pleased with the result!

another barnes and noble afternoon

 More "cottage" magazines than I remember seeing before...
So much inspiration...

so little cost.

Eclectic, colorful, full, fun and personal style at its best!

full house

 The view from my new blue chair 
in one corner of our our living room.
(It - the blue chair - joining my husband's huge black recliner
as the only new pieces of furniture we've ever purchased for this room.)
We don't have a separate family room, so this is where we do most of our "living"
except for the kitchen table where we also play games in the evening 
and set up jigsaw puzzles
during the day...
My new blue chair sits in front of the antique wardrobe where the black chair
sits in this photo.
Yes, you could call it a Full House!
Seeing this room through my camera's "eye", I am content.
Our furniture is old; our style dated.
But we lack nothing and are  happy and blessed at the most fundamental level.

more (tweaking)

In the spare bedroom, this time.
This shelf - an old box I'd been holding on to for a long time.
Found in the garage and now fastened into the wall.
A headboard.
More to come, but for now, as it appears above.
(I see by the photo I could have hung the box lower...)
Also in this room, a place for two extra chairs
(chairs being one of my soft spots along with pictures/paintings and books).
When it comes to accessories, lighting and even art I’m happy to muddle in flea market finds.
 Style has nothing to do with money! (Abigail Ahern)


Saturday, I tweaked!
The sun porch in the back of our house had become the unloading dock
for most everything all winter long.
While trying to get it straightened a bit, 
I came across both the print AND the empty frame (above).
My husband took the frame to the local hardware store and had a glass cut to fit in,
cut in insert to cover the back and applied a hanger.
I have JUST the place for it!
he stitched the binding that had begun to detach from one of the rug's (below) back sides.
When surveying the finished product, 
I realized there were roosters in each corner and the middle!
How could I not have realized this?
Having noticed that, the logical place to put it was in front of the faux mantel
in our dining area where the five roosters join
more roosters, swan, geese and a few other miscellaneous fowl.
All items seen in these photos were garage sale or thrift store purchases
or -in the case of the mantel, for example - curbside treasures!

splurging in february

My sister's deep dish pie plate
 It started with a $9+ marked-down piece of chuck roast (reluctantly bought, I confess).
It was a bit of a splurge for me.
It's not that we don't have money to spend...
it's more about how I spend it.
(Does that make sense?)
At any rate, it made a wonderful dinner one night
for the three of us--my husband, my father and me.
Crock pot style, complete with potatoes, carrots and onions.
The following day, the leftover meat made wonderful roast beef sandwiches
enjoyed by all.
But the crowning glory of that chuck roast leftover happened at a third meal.
I sauteed a chopped onion in a tiny bit of oil and added them and a handful of frozen peas to the shredded beef and leftover potatoes and carrots (chopped finer this time).
I googled "homemade pot pies" for baking time and temperatures
and placed the filling into store-bought refrigertor pie crusts.
I used a wonderful deep-dish pie plate one of my sisters had left the last time she was here,
and invited my other sister to share the pot pie with us!
Served with a tossed salad, it made a most delicious meal!
(And we have one piece leftover.)
Ten servings from that $9+ chuck roast makes me think that I should splurge again soon!

the problem with thrift store purchased puzzles

The problem with puzzles purchased at thrift stores is that
one never knows how many pieces may be missing...
and in this case, there was actually an EXTRA piece.
Go figure!
However, the price is right and a quarter buys many hours of entertainment.

enjoyable, inexpensive, productive

These.  Five of them for $1.00!
Odd number, to be sure,
but they fit in well with my blue and white dishes.
They're a great size and glass.
I'm not a fan of plastic glasses, so having extras around
allows for the inevitable breakage.
My husband also bought two wonderful pairs of shoes - $1 each.
I bought a black tee.  I wear them almost every single day,
so I like having an extra or two in the "wings".
Most importantly, the two hours spent were enjoyable, inexpensive, and productive!

Oh.  This, too.
I have a small collection of plaques like these....

another sweet monday

It was another sweet Monday.  A day away for me...
I dropped my husband off at the office, adding my tracks to the ones above.
I drove to the Huntington IN public library where I waited in the parking lot for its 9:00 opening.
Once inside, I gathered a stack of books to read
As usual, I found many images to fuel my imagination; 

 to capture and store as testimony to my evolving and current decorating preferences...

At 10:00, I closed the books and headed for the thrift store I'd discovered a week or two ago.
I saw a $.50 rack where I purchased this sweater that I'm wearing this morning.
The rest of the day found me variously enjoying the sunshine via Frances Mayes' 
Bringing Tuscany Home (a library book I'd brought along to fill spare minutes)
and actually SITTING in the sunshine by the window at Panera while I enjoyed a Greek salad 
in the company of my fine husband.

"…making beauty around you honors all of life", Frances wrote.

After a few hospital visits (my husband is a visitation pastor at our church),
we returned home where my sisters and brothers-in-law and father
gathered around our table to play games and share a simply delicious meal --
my sisters' homemade potpie and salad,
topped with a cheese cake that we'd picked up at Aldi's earlier in our sweet Monday.


More de-cluttering in process.  These eight.
Plus one more.
Can't think of the last time (or the FIRST time) I used ANY of these!
Purse-un-oly, I can't think of a reason to keep them...

two things

 #1 This piece which finished EVER so nicely!
(I showed it in progress a few posts ago...)
It sold minutes after I listed it on a Facebook site.
#2 This view of one end of our living room
for absolutely no reason at all.
I was giving my eyes a break as I read Village Centenary by Miss Read
(also mentioned in a previous post).
I know.  There's a bit of clutter up there!  No staging for me!