room for one more

 We were there when the doors opened at 5:00 p.m. last night
for our favorite Church Rummage.
 Usually I wait until Saturday's $5/bag sale,
but I'm sure glad I didn't this time!
Priced at only $3, I'm positive this rug runner would not have been left.
 It now joins two other patterned rugs in our kitchen/dining area.
It is an absolutely gorgeous accessory on our dark laminate floor.


Well!  This turned out well!

silent sentinel

Rather worn and ragged,
 it uncomplainingly stands beside my makeshift bed,
 handsome, sturdy, useful.
Pulled into temporary service, 
it has stood as silent sentinel to pain and
holder of all and any things necessary for recovery.
I'm thankful it caught my eye one day at a thrift store or garage sale.
Details escape me.

getting back into the groove

My husband had actually finished the vintage sewing cabinet (above)
before my accident.
Today he went out to the garage and worked to repair the sides
of this vanity that we found at a Goodwill Store.
He's stripping one of the drawers to see what it might look like to have the top and drawers "natural"
and the rest painted white and distressed.
I ♥ the maple leaf in the center, don't you?
 Yes, indeed!  This will work.

my hospital 'do

This is a simple post about a simple axiom:
Appear as you are. Be as you appear.
(Posted by annie s. on Twitter)
It truly makes life simpler.
I'm currently in the hospital rehabbing after slipping and falling on ice last Saturday.
I got new hip parts in an early Sunday morning surgery.
I was already overdue for a haircut when it happened.
Now the trick is to do SOMEthing with my "bed head"...
This seems to be the simplest.  
Maybe I'll get used to it.

evening shadows

 ...evening shadows in our kitchen
 have a way of exposing flaws
 while at the same time
 comforting and covering the cares and stresses of the day.
 Patterns and wood grains blend
and sleep sends its subtle invitation.

(Everything here had a life with someone else before coming to us...
usage and years add character and a patina
that cannot be achieved overnight.)


 We didn't put in a jigsaw puzzle all winter....
Now, just as spring is about to descend (optimistic here),
we completed one and are starting on another.
Both were thrift store purchases.
Always risky when buying puzzles, I know.
The first one was all here!
And we're well into the next!
Its 3 foot width just barely fits on the wing of our table!
It's puzzling to me how both happened to be MAP puzzles!
Besides being a bit addictive,  these are turning out to be
quite the educational endeavors.

Update:  Done!


 We took an hour or so out of our Saturday to visit
an antique mall in a neighboring town.
It had been awhile since we'd been there.
We were pleasantly surprised by how full it was
and the addition of many customer-friendly touches--
like baskets throughout with signs inviting us to use one to gather purchases
and well-marked maps to help navigate through the maze of rooms.
Honestly, we don't "do" antique malls to buy things.
We go for entertainment and education.
Do you know what I mean?
After about 1/2 hour, I'd hit my saturation point.  One booth blended into another.
And I left with pictures of...
Just plain old worn-out linoleum.
Can you imagine how beautiful it was in its day?!?

in-and-out thrifting

 Some quick in-and-out thrifting yesterday
netted me this sweet vintage frame.
(I've already removed the unexciting oil painting that was inside.)
 I was equally thrilled with this vintage lamp shade.
I was able to remove many of the brown spots with a serious scrubbbing.
A few remain.  I don't care.
 Inspired by my new finds,
I paired an empty vase with some shoe-shapers
(not sure of their real name).
Made for a little wooden bouquet!

gifts ~ not from the sea

 I almost never pass up a copy of this book when I find it.
Not only do I try to reread it every year,
I pass it on enthusiastically to friends.
It will be a birthday gift to a special friend.
(I hope I haven't already given her a copy!) 
I found THIS copy today during a morning of thrift store shopping...
In another store (where prices were noticeably higher than during our last visit),
my husband held this one up for me to see at the end of an aisle.
HE had seen only a sweet, framed doily.
I, on the other hand, saw the NAME.
It, too will be a gift - anniversary - to a special couple.
I don't think either one of them read this blog.
I hope not!
Isn't it charming?!?

it just happened

Have you noticed?
Sometimes collections "happen"
when you're not even thinking about it?
Case in point - these canes.
(And I have four others that I decided to keep.)
Recently, someone said they were looking for some old wooden canes.
I thought to myself, "I have a few canes out in the corner of our garden shed."
I had no idea that I had 14.
Apparently these were all canes at prices I couldn't say "no" to.
One at a time, gathered from
thrift stores and garage sales, I guess.
I actually can't remember buying any one of them specifically.
Do you have any collections that just "happened"?

better than chocolate and/or flowers

 We're pretty nontraditional around here...
so here's how we chose to spend our Valentine Day.
Late in the morning we headed to an estate sale.
My sole purchase was the frame (above).
 Then we headed to a thrift store where we basically shook our heads
over the high prices.  Noting that we would not head back to THAT one soon,
we headed to a second.
To our delight it was a 50% off day.
So we came home with the doll bed (above) that needs some repair,
 the desk which needs a little attention,
and this empty sewing machine cabinet which will make a fine occasional table,
thank you very much!
 We enjoyed a pan taco pizza at Pizza Hut for lunch,
and later in the afternoon, My Man went to our local cafe
and came home with their last two pieces of cherry pie
for us to enjoy with a cup of coffee.
Then a cozy game of Split (a card game we enjoy)
which I won.
SO much better than chocolate and/or flowers as far as I'm concerned.
(And probably less expensive, too!)


 a recent gift from Michelle,
 two thrift store finds from past years (above and below),
 and a couple of broken heart-shaped Christmas ornaments
still hanging out with some stray buttons waiting for a place to go
(or someone to put them there).