more than meets the eye

It's about so much more than artificial flowers 
in a large vintage vase...
It's about a tabletop all cleared off!
Oh, and while I'm on the subject ("more than meets the eye")...
 Here's the finished produce (see prior post if you're curious).

what I saw

 The ad on the facebook site called it a "gun cabinet".
This is what I saw...
...and this is who is making it happen - seen here cleaning it out after sanding before painting...
It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!
 I'll show you later.

collection or an illness?

 Sorting project #4.
I blush to say I have another storage shelf full of candles in addition to these.
You've maybe heard the song "A Thousand Candles"?
I seem to have been unconsciously working toward that.
Seeing these all lying out like this, I have serious questions about my sanity.
Definitely an illustration of thrift store shopping going amuck!
I'm tryng to decide what to do with them all.
I WILL have made a decision by the end of the day.

the problem with second-hand jigsaw puzzles

It's not what I'd hoped for.
I will not be saving it to pull out at Christmas time.
It won't become a new Christmas tradition.
On the positive side though.....
I have a new favorite painting and have discovered a bit about it!
It's Adoration of the Baby by Gerrit van Honthorst.

turning the pages

 A woman can dream, can't she?
 I dream quite well when sitting at a table at Barnes and Noble with a stack of magazines!
As much as I enjoy decorating blogs,
there's just something about turning the pages...


Sorting Day 3 (see prior post) meant followup!
And followup included figuring out if all the pieces to this second-hand jigsaw puzzle are here.
No time like the present!
 I had COMPLETELY forgotton about this oil painting set.
It had been stashed and forgotten in a stash of boxed games.
 My husband will complete the one that's started -  and hopefully the other two!
Maybe this winter?
And yes, I DID get rid of twenty games yesterday afternoon!

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.”
-Barbara Hemphill 

sorting - day 3

 In the past week, I've been on a sorting binge.
Day 1 was jewelry.  Boxes and drawers of it.  Where did it come from?
What should I do with it all?
I kept some, made a pile for repair, filled a container to give to granddaughters,
and created a heaping mound  of it to give away or throw away.
Day 2 involved sorting the catch-all shelf under the microwave.
It resulted in a similar outcome.
And today it was games.  I gathered games from three separate storage spaces and began to sort.
When I was finished, I neatly stacked the "keepers" in the game closet.
Below is a picture of at least 17 boxed children's games & activities - many of them quite educational!  They are listed as "free" to anyone who will come and get them.
(I'm pretty sure I have a taker already.)
I still have a medicine-type hanging cabinet full of card games that I ought to go through one of these days.

I'll move on to another sorting challenge soon.  
There are still several categories to go.
What have YOU sorted lately?

 You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full
of yesterday's junk.   (Seen on Facebook)

free, healthy (and hot)

The forecast included a heat alert, so we started out early!
We picked up a map and followed it.
 Twenty rocking chairs painted by local artists
 were arranged primarily around the courthouse square.
 It added up to a free,
 and entertaining morning!
 We also checked out a few of the thrift stores,
looking for books by Claire Bee--sports stories requested by one of our grandsons.
 With no luck in THAT department,
 we enjoyed a great dinner buffet before heading home.
 I believe there are other towns that host similar events
 in the summertime...
 How about YOURS?
 I believe this last chair was my favorite.  
It caught my eye from a distance, and up close we discovered
that the design was burnt into the wood!

three bags full

 I took a chance at Meijer yesterday when I stumbled on an assortment
of bagged coffee beans on the discounted rack toward the back of the store.
 With a little help from our grinder (which had been out-of-service for awhile
and apparenty not cleaned when stored), 
we enjoyed our coffee VERY much this morning!
Killer Beanzzz was the first one we tried.

Have you ever found a surprisingly good buy on a discounted grocery rack?


I just KNEW it was going to be gorgeous!

can you say "curbside"?

 I didn't let my Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes or the fact that it was missing a drawer
get in the way of loading this gem into the trunk of our car!
There is a mirror, too!  We won't put it back on this piece.
I have OTHER plans for it!
The entire piece will be painted.  
It will be quite the transformation.
(I can hardly wait!)

today's haul

I went to My Favorite Thrift Store this morning
primarily to buy some greeting cards.
At only $.45 each they are the best deal in town! 
 I always find some very unique and appropriate cards, and today was no exception.
Just inside the door stood this treasure.
The price made it irresistible.
(You may know how THAT is!)
The volunteer clerk suggested I could use it to load up my other purchases.
It was a good idea, but except for the cards, I only purchased 2 wooden puzzles
and an amber necklace that I'm testing for authenticity by putting it in the frig
for a couple of hours and seeing if it turns cold or not...


 Absence DOES
 make the heart grow

I had a minute to stop in to my favorite thrift store yesterday.
My visits have been few and far between lately, and even those have ended up unproductive.
Not so THIS time!
25 cents + 25 cents + 1 dollar = $1.50
spent at my favorite thrift store yesterday.