one more mirror

 I'm really happy with how this panel we purchased long ago for $1
turned into a full-length mirror. 
It's middle part was removed and replaced with the mirror.
It will serve as a unique top for a sofa table, I think.
Meanwhile, I enjoy the architectural impact
this wood piece has made on our stair landing,
thanks to the creative work of my husband!

making do

Dear oh me!  These curtains have been hanging FAR too long.
The color scheme in our living room no longer goes with the rose color in them.
Budget constraints prohibit new curtains in the immediate future,
but as I looked at them in the dark, morning hours 
I had a brainstorm!
I removed them from the rod,
eliminated some cobwebs,
and to the washing machine went the curtains.
Once washed and dried, we rehung them THIS way...
Yep!  Inside out. 
The colors look a bit more faded.  The red/rose colors aren't as prominent.
 I'm going to try hanging them straight up and down yet.
That may make it even better!

Use it up;
Wear it out.
Make it do
or do without! 

"i love it so"

I moved into this darling 500 square ft house in January 2012. The bones were perfect for my cottage style. The most important thing I want to show is that I believe the only new thing you will see is the sofa, my sunglasses, and some dishes. Everything else is old. I don't care that much for new. I love it so, enjoy. (Scarlett Fiona Reed, here)
 I don't care that much for new either!  
....don't judge you if you do,
but it's how I "roll"...

significant results

After painting the base, My Guy attached it to the top.
A final waxing over the stain resulted in a great looking board.
It just fit the space it was meant for!
I put pottery pieces on (and below) it....
but looking at the photo helps me see that there are too many "smalls".
I shall work at arranging this to be less cluttered.
I learn much from My Guy who accomplishes so much.
I watch him patiently fill his spare minutes and hours 
with chores and tasks (small and large)
 that add up to Significant Results.
 Above:  Improvement
Below:  A different mirror was the perfect finishing touch.

repurposing. again.

When we moved this shelf from it's perch on the stairway landing
to the "new" room, I knew I would need to replace it with SOMEthing.
Looking around - outdoors, even -
I eyed the rusted base to a patio table.
Topped with a beautiful oak table leaf,
it is well on its way to being the perfect replacement.
Thanks to the skill of my husband,
the top was given a classy edge and the base will be painted black.
Use it up;
Wear it out.
Make it do
Or do without!

the dark side

However light the current decorating trends may take us,
I remain charmed by the dark side.
Sitting in my rocking chair this morning before the sun rises,
 I am more at home than ever with my dark wood, candles, books,
and simple furniture.
 Accessories, recently re-curated, catch my eye
as I sit back with a fresh cup of coffee
to enjoy the dark side a wee bit before the day turns busy.


It was the perfect size for this spot in our "new" old room.
This called for a makeover!
Yes!  That's more like it!

fit and trim

I wanted corner guards to protect some corners from gouging.
We'd added some to a few corners upstairs some time ago.
I'm CERTAIN we didn't pay the $30-$50 they "go" for now on the internet,
and no local lumber or big box stores had them available.
we purchased 8' lengths of corner trim at $2.98@.
My handy husband cut proper lengths and carefully fashioned trim
from a piece of scrap trim to top each piece.
The photo turned out light, but you can get the idea of how each guard is topped.
I'm ecstatic!
Now five new corners in our house are fit and trim
at a very affordable price.

masculine vibes

 While not finalized (is it ever?),
I've had a good time adding masculine vibes
 to our newly remodeled bathroom.
This shelf & its contents, for instance...
Hubby attached the wooden towel rack to the bottom
after a few adaptations to make it fit.
Everything here was repurposed, by the way,
and probably purchased at a thrift store or garage sale.

and then there were five

Disclaimer:  These photos were taken at night.
I'm well aware that their quality is less than wonderful.
 Clean up has commenced.
With only one small possibility of construction dust remaining,
 I could wait no longer to begin my trial arranging of the
dining area of our kitchen.
A lamp or two were added. 
And then there were five!
We took a break from it all this evening
and played a game of Upwords
by their light.

one more thing

 Just as our project was nearing completion,
we had one final brainstorm (and not a small one)..
Fortunately, our general contractor was able to fit it into his schedule.
We're removing the French doors and installing
a "regular" door.
Drywall will fill in the gap.
This will allow for a little extra wall space
to accommodate a small chest of drawers near one of the closets
in the newly formed bedroom..
It ALSO means extra wall space on THIS side --
the dining area of our kitchen.
It's a win-win decision
(except for a little more dust and a few more days of disruption).

going gray

We're making a bold (for us) move and going gray 
for our remodeled bathroom!
DARK gray.
There will be plenty of white trim.  
Hubby is applying the first coat this evening.
I'm going to like it!
 My Facebook critics weighed in:
"Sophisticated and calming...
Dramatic and classy."
I HOPE so!
My best half - after installing our new lights.....

anxious no more

In my last post I said I was "anxious" to get these chairs finished.
I'm anxious no more.
It took three coats of chalk paint.
Then we sanded and my husband applied clear wax and buffed them.
The old, velvet seats were reattached.
And I'm pleased.  VERY pleased.