a stop at the shop

On the way to spend the afternoon with my mother last week,
I stopped at my Favorite Thrift Store to select a birthday card for a friend.
(For $.45 I find some very beautiful and appropriate greeting cards!)
 Then I made my quick pass through the store.  I was happy to add the blue and white tin
to my blue tin collection ($.10),
and how could I pass up this sweet, unmarked pottery dachshund ($.25)?
How about you?  What unexpected "treasures" have you stumbled on recently?

the magic of framing

Yesterday morning, my husband and I took a walk in a local nature preserve.
(You can see some photos here...)
While transferring the photos to my computer, I noticed
how much THIS one reminded me of an amateur painting I'd bought a long time ago
(probably at a thrift store).
I took it out of the small, nondescript brown frame it was in
and painted the frame black.
It fit beautifully into another frame I had on hand - again purchased
either at a thrift store or garage sale.
By the time I returned home this afternoon from a pleasant lunch and visit with a friend,
the inner frame was dry and the whole deal ready to be assembled.
Ta Dah!
What a difference framing makes..

moody blue

 We brought it home from the thrift store with a plan to repaint and sell it,
but the longer I looked at it, the more I fell in love with its "moody blue" color.
And so after removing the paint from the top, the rest was sanded gently,
covered with wax and buffed to a soft, smooth finish.
A part of my heart is hoping no one answers the ad I placed offering it for sale..

the pleasure of pottery

 I was content to wander in and out of quaint shops in the attractive town
of Grand Rapids, OH yesterday.
"Just looking,"  I responded cheerfully to the proprietors' offers to help.
Honestly, I don't need ANOTHER thing.
 Unique pieces of pottery always catch my eye.  Yesterday was no exception.
And though the prices there were fair, they were too high for my budget.
So imagine my pleasure to find two pieces at one of my favorite thrift stores this morning!
 For less than $1.00, I got BOTH of them.
 The colors on this "pocket" caught my eye immediately!
It's a heavy little piece with a charming copper hanger.
I couldn't resist it.

that was all

 We should have checked what time this thrift store opened.
Arrived an hour too early, so we went to a Goodwill.
Then back to THIS one where a line had formed.
I exited a few minutes later with a dozen of these mid-century plates
in fantastic condition.
That was all.


That's right - no price.
Found curbside on what was apparently Big Trash Day
in a neighboring town.
If my husband had been in the car with me,
we would also have a chest of drawers.


What would possess me to pay $.50 for this vintage planter this morning?!?


 We did our share of finding last Friday!
This lamp (1/2 the marked price of $1.50) is a keeper!
 One day I'll find a whiter lamp shade.  
Until then, it sits beside my chair "as is".  Just the right size to keep chair-side clutter to a minimum.
 This incredible vintage white stand with wheels that turn (!)
is too large to keep.  It has already been spoken for.
The glass on this lovely vintage print has been cleaned,
and it will hang with other vintage prints on my bathroom wall.
Another  keeper--along with a glass pitcher, a picture frame and a couple other miscellaneous pieces.
The outing was an inexpensive and satisfying way to enjoy time with my husband.

more than meets the eye

It's about so much more than artificial flowers 
in a large vintage vase...
It's about a tabletop all cleared off!
Oh, and while I'm on the subject ("more than meets the eye")...
 Here's the finished produce (see prior post if you're curious).

what I saw

 The ad on the facebook site called it a "gun cabinet".
This is what I saw...
...and this is who is making it happen - seen here cleaning it out after sanding before painting...
It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!
 I'll show you later.

collection or an illness?

 Sorting project #4.
I blush to say I have another storage shelf full of candles in addition to these.
You've maybe heard the song "A Thousand Candles"?
I seem to have been unconsciously working toward that.
Seeing these all lying out like this, I have serious questions about my sanity.
Definitely an illustration of thrift store shopping going amuck!
I'm tryng to decide what to do with them all.
I WILL have made a decision by the end of the day.

the problem with second-hand jigsaw puzzles

It's not what I'd hoped for.
I will not be saving it to pull out at Christmas time.
It won't become a new Christmas tradition.
On the positive side though.....
I have a new favorite painting and have discovered a bit about it!
It's Adoration of the Baby by Gerrit van Honthorst.

turning the pages

 A woman can dream, can't she?
 I dream quite well when sitting at a table at Barnes and Noble with a stack of magazines!
As much as I enjoy decorating blogs,
there's just something about turning the pages...