a rare and wonderful afternoon

My husband created the itinerary for our rare and wonderful  afternoon of thrifting.
It would take us to four towns and wrap up in the evening with dinner with my father
at Das Essenhaus in Pettisville, OH.
Several of the shops on the list (assembled from the internet)
were no longer in business.
Regardless, half the pleasure is in the hunt.  
This puzzle might be a hold-over to NEXT winter
seeing how our 5th of this season is less than 1/2 finished...
 Books are the LAST things I need, but I couldn't figure out how to pass up
these two oversized art books at 50 and 75 cents...
 We were really happy to discover THIS shop!
Well maintained and reasonably priced....
cards were a steal at only ten cents each!

Normally I avoid the Goodwill stores.  Seems like they're overpriced to me, 
but that's just my opinion.  However, in OH, their prices seem more realistic than in our area.
I was very happy we stopped at the third one.
I really needed some black flats and found both these pair for a total of $5!

These brass pulls and hooks will be put to good use in one of my husband's projects...
and this stand will be repaired and painted - probably for resale.
It was a productive afternoon spent in GREAT company!

You Light Up My Life

Snail mail and a homemade gift!
It's hard to top that... 

It's also hard to imagine anyone more committed to creativity,
prolific in crafting,
and unselfish in sharing her time and talents.
(I want to be like Marlynne when I grow up!)

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, 
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Thanks, Marlynne, for brightening my life! 
(And if you've not met her, click on her name and visit her at Precious Cottage.)


The last thing I need is another vintage paint-by-number painting--
but how could I pass this one by?
Those beautiful pink flowers made it irresistible.

go figure

 Just in from the trunk of the car....
 this fine, old mirror ready for a face-lift!
 Hubby has his project now.
 And how could I resist this heavy, salt-glaze flow blue plate?
 Orange tags were 1/2 price!
Go figure! (19 cents, including tax.)
Two stores.
Two treasures.


  I've been neglecting this blog.
Seems things "fit" better over at another blog lately.
  So if you're curious, head over HERE.
 I'll be back as soon as I get things dusted off,
sorted out,
rearranged, and given away

generous hospitality

 A Christmas tour of a friend's home
 included a delightful luncheon.
 I didn't know where to BEGIN to take photos of her beautiful Christmas decorations
and came home with sweet memories
but a disappointingly few photos.....
She will never know how blessed I was by her generous hospitality.

getting to be a habit

 It's getting to be a habit -
stopping in on a Friday morning at the Amazing Thrift Store
(open only on Fridays and Mondays)
and finding a bottle of a favorite scent from my past....
This one full and sealed!

another wreath

Still a treasure after all these years!
The hands were those of our youngest daughter in early elementary school
 - maybe even kindergarten.
I laminated the wreath after a few years hoping to preserve it.  
Except for a bend or two, it has held up quite well.

should I be embarrassed?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I pulled this out of a cabinet and lit it this morning?
We'll be traveling for Thanksgiving 
so I don't have a strong reason for 
Thanksgiving/Harvest decor to occupy my time and efforts.
Instead I find myself needing light on these evenings when it is dark by 5:30!
So this it is.
It was "won" at a gift exchange at a gathering of our small group from church last year,
so it comes with memories and reminds me that our lives have changed
dramatically this past year. 
I don't go "all out" for Christmas decorating.
Give me a few candles, a strand of lights or two and carols playing in the background
and I am content! 
No.  I'm not embarrassed.  
I'm content and thankful for Christmas and all the blessings 
that came along with the First One.
I plan to enjoy the season as long as I can stretch it!


Hubby is out of town, so yesterday I gifted myself with some leisurely strolls
through a couple of thrift stores...
 two of my Favorite Thrift Stores, in fact!
 Here's looking at what I brought home with me.
 I'm especially fond of this fabric "throw".  The colors don't show up as brightly 
as they are in person  For only $.75, I think it is my favorite purchase of the day.
Seldom do I pass up an Ideals Christmas if it is in good condition.
This one was!
What an "Ideal" outing for so little money.
This was only $.30!  I googled it and then realized what a great find it was!

heaven scent

Forty-plus years ago (in the late '60s)  this was one of my favorite scents.
A few years ago, I came across several of these small bottles of eau de parfum
in a thrift store, I believe.
I'm getting to the last drops of the last bottle, though I don't wear perfume regularly.
I haven't checked if Heaven Sent is still on the market.
I will miss it - and the memories that come with it - when it's gone.
Do YOU have a favorite scent that connects you to your past?


 Our recreation yesterday involved stops at a few thrift stores.
The Salvation Army store featured a 1/2 price sale pretty much store-wide.
It was difficult to say "no" to this charming mirror, so I didn't!
I can see it turning ANY table or desk into a vanity!

balls, boxes and bowls

 The long-neglected task of dusting began early this morning.
 It wasn't so bad as I alternated it with a cup of coffee.
 Beginning in this corner, I planned to work my way around the room.
 Progress is slow.
 I stop to photograph my recognition of all things wooden--
 balls, boxes and bowls.
Each one a favorite.  All thrift store or garage sale purchases, I'm certain.