odds and ends

 It was a beautiful day today.
I'd read about garage sales in a nearby small town,
so my husband and I decided to take a drive and check them out.
We counted our walk from sale to sale as our therapy walks prescribed post-surgery.
The Madeline books above were one of my purchases.  I can't pass them up!
 The door knob was in a "free box"!
It cleaned up beautifully.
And how about these pedestals?
And there was MORE!


Who SAYS you don't find anything curbside these days????
(Oops.  That would be me.)
Well, yesterday, the tide turned and we found THIS enroute home from
a Memorial Day visit with our son and his family. 

sell or keep?

 The price was right on this little Mersman table
we found at a garage sale Friday.
 I'm trying to decide what color to paint it...
I think this shell design will show up so well!
The size of the table makes it quite versatile
Wonder if we'll sell it or keep it???


A "moving sale"... I found this tin in the free box.
It came home with me and joins my collection of similar ones in a similar color family.

a tisket a tasket

 The thrift store side of my life has been neglected of late!
 However!  Yesterday we stopped at one of my favorites on the way to visit my parents.
I found the sweet white basket.  Thirty-five cents.
It joins a sewing basket that I picked up a few day ago.
Before I totally get my groove back,
I need to make a purging sweep through our back porch!
Have you purchased a charming basket lately?
And what's a tisket?
What's a tasket?