spoken for

 It came home like this.
 My man crafted a front and pull for a broken drawer
 and painted, distressed and waxed the entire cabinet.
It is spoken for already!
The majority of our married lives,
we have enjoyed putting a fresh spin on worn-out furniture.
It's our way of contributing to a green environment.

cozy or chaotic?

"If you thought I found this room attractive,
would you still want to be my friend?  (Just checking.)"
Wednesday, I passed an hour or so in the library
where I thumbed through magazines.
I was drawn irresistibly to this photo and took a photo of it.
Eventually I posted it on my Facebook page along with that question.
I received feedback - some assuring me friendship isn't based on decorating style.
Others said things like:"It's my kind of green (all shades of green are my kind of green)! It looks like a room filled memories and warmth! A great place to sit a spell!"
"I would...enjoy visiting your beautiful and unique home."
"Cozy."  "Yes, it looks very comfortable and comforting."
"Collected and cozy." 
"Cozy and stimulating at the same time."
One said tactfully, "I see some interesting things in it!"
Another honestly commented, "Sorry, but my eyes got tired!"
"My kind of cozy."
"Colorful, bold, interesting and artsy!  I think of Henri Matisse with all the patterns,"
Friend Diana said, "Yeah.  I like that stuff." 
By the way, I DO like this room.  
It says, "Welcome!  Come in and sit a spell.  
Look around.  Let my color and comfort embrace you."
(And we even have a small bedroom painted this color.
It was a mistake, but I've grown to like it.)
OK.  It's YOUR turn.  What would YOU say about this room?