curbside and craig's list

 With a little elbow grease, sanding, stain, and polyurethane
 these pieces are both beautiful AND useful!
I think William Morris would approve.
"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, 
or believe to be beautiful."

dollars and cents

 After spending too many DOLLARS eating out the past few days,
I pulled out the crock pot - my current favorite cooking instrument.
(Actually, I didn't "pull it out".  It sits ready-for-use on our countertop.)
I washed and sliced the 3 potatoes from the bottom of the bag,
chopped some onions,
and cut the 1-pound tube of frozen ground turkey meat into 2 sections.
While 1/2 of it was defrosting in the microwave, I popped the other half back in the freezer,
boiled some water and dissolved a cube of beef bouillon in it.
It all went into my $1 garage sale crock pot 
where the flavors are ALREADY blending and scenting the air!
Noticing a couple of apples I'd purchased from the bargain rack at the back of the supermarket,
I decided to chop up one of them and add it to the mix.  
Their flavor had been a bit disappointing, but I think it will be a good addition to the "stew".
Closer to eating time, I'll add some frozen mixed veggies since I don't have any fresh on hand.
Today we will dine for CENTS.

When using the crock pot, I generally don't follow a recipe.
Going out and purchasing items for a recipe defeats the purpose of it for me.
As a result, I seldom can duplicate a crock pot meal since I never have quite
the same combination of ingredients on hand from one time to the next.
To me, that's what crock pot cooking is all about!

calhoun street/claiborne dress

We're attending a convention in the Big Town near our small, unincorporated town.
The hotel is a short walk from my (formerly) Favorite Thrift Store.
The walk down Calhoun Street took me past the beautiful Botanical Gardens.
I stopped to take an up close look at The Muse
and marveled again at the beauty of The Cathedral 
across the street.
 A weed bloomed wistfully and wonderfully through the fence
bordering the viaduct  I passed under on my way.
 Unfortunately (for me, at least), the prices at the thrift store 
have risen to antique store prices.
However, clothes were 1/2 off, so I returned to the hotel
with this Liz Claiborne dress...well-constructed and comfortable.

nothing's thriftier than free

It doesn't get more "thrifty" than free!
I'm thankful I posted the i.s.o. (in search of) statement in one of the local facebook garage sale sites.
We were looking for some used 2"x4"s and 2"x6"s for a couple of projects.
Someone responded, and we're Happy Campers.
I see a sofa table and a potting bench in our near future.
Below are two potting benches my husband completed in the past few months...
 ...both from recycled wood!
 I enjoy helping him design them
and have an idea or two already churning in my mind.
 And how about THIS?
It was attached to one of the free boards!
A garden-hose holder with all KINDS of possibilities!

who knew?

Who knew where my "dotting" would lead?
(See my last post to figure out what dotting is.)
Ever since it caught my eye several years ago at a farm auction,
this beleaguered cat sat patiently in a flower bed waiting for a make-over.
I had seen one of Hap's done with big polka dots and was just about to apply them
when I got THIS brainstorm.  
I got out some old (REALLY old) paints, added a little water & stirred 'em up;
then dug out some old stencils and went to work.
After she dries, I'll polyurethane her so that she holds her look proudly.
Who knew I'd get so crafty in my old age?!?

spots and dots

 Spots and Dots, I believe he calls his art technique!
Michael "Hap" Hapner, that is.
This bicycle and the artful flowers (see below) made of vinyl records
caught my eye on the House and Garden Walk we took over the weekend
 Today I decided to see what I could do.
I got out this pink metal fan (I'd painted it pink for another project),
 squirted out some paint I had on hand,
decided to try toothpicks,
 and here's the result - so far!
I'm off to purchase a couple of brighter colors to continue the project.
It takes LOTS of DOTS to fill in the space.
(No wonder his bicycles sell for as much as $3,000!)
Warning:  "Dotting" CAN be addictive, 
but on the positive side, it requires very little paint...
I think I would prefer a dark background paint next time.
And spots?  Not sure how to "do" spots.
But then again, that's the thing about creativity --
there isn't necessarily a "right way"...
 Still dotting....
When I finally finish the fan, I'm going to ask my husband to use his
"new" old welder and attach it to a metal rod so I can put it in a flower bed!

Bigs and Smalls

 He's already "on" the BIG...
and I'm "on" the smalls--
 Taking off price stickers,
 washing the glass,
 digging out the candle wax,
 and photographing, of course!
Do you see a squirrel on this little pottery bowl?
I do...and I'm lovin' it!
I hadn't been to a thrift store in quite awhile, but yesterday
I left early to go to my no-longer-Red-Hats luncheon in order to 
check out one I hadn't visited in a long time.
What fun I had.


 Rivaling a little, chippy metal stool for a spot in my kitchen
 is this wooden chair bottom.
He used it for years in the garage for sit-down projects.
"Just fill in those holes and rub in some tung oil all over it!"  I urged him.
Now it's MINE.
Ready to pull up to the table for extra guests.
It "sits" really comfortably!
Hmmmm.  Just maybe they can co-exist.
(A year from now, I'm probably going to look back on this phase of my life and wonder
what in the world I was going through!  This chippy stuff is just where I am right now....)

lotsa pink....

 There IS a lot of pink in our second and smaller bathroom.
 Shelves above the window and door hold some...
 the walls are filled with it,
 and the vintage scale picks up the hue!
 A recent wash and fluff of these two unmatched rugs resulted in 
thick and plush pink,
 while the vintage waste-can wears its pink proudly.
  A pink pottery piece is the perfect place to stick a few sample bottles of hand lotion;
and an open shelf in a repurposed dresser holds some vintage, pink-patterned towels.
It actually didn't BEGIN with "pinkness", 
but somehow it ended up that way!

the shabbier the chic-er

WhatEVER is the matter with me?
I was a child of the 60's (well, attended college from 1966-70)...
 but I didn't live a "hippy" lifestyle.
Now, almost 50 years later, I'm totally drawn to boho and eccentric decorating schemes.
(Just look at my "favorite places and spaces" in my Pinterest account!
And OH how I love Moon to Moon.)
Today, while not planning to garage sale at all,
I stopped at one and found all of this!
For right now, the shabbier the chic-er!
 (This sweet table was another "find" at the garage sale.
Don't you ♥ her curves?)