bonus items

This was the scene from the backseat of our moving car last night
as we returned home via the scenic route
from emptying the trunk of its contents in the deposit box
of a thrift store.
My husband and I completed a challenge TODAY--
each of us gathering and ridding the house of the number of items
to match the number of every day in February.
Today, the 28th, we totaled it all up...
Buoyed by the success, I proceeded to gather ten bonus items this morning...
primarily jeans and other denim items that (realistically) I will never wear.
It's been a great exercise.
We plan to continue on a smaller scale.

simplicity and purpose

You may well argue that my taste in decor doesn't lean toward simplicity...

 but given my attraction to these photos in magazines that caught my eye yesterday
 I am convinced that my purpose in creating a comfortable home is achieved
best for us by a simple combination
of old wood, books, warm colors and one-of-a-kind objects.
Not a lot has changed over the years when it comes to my purpose--
or the way I go about achieving it!

off my mind

I don't know why I thought about this this morinng
as I filled in the last page of my journal
(starting a new one tomorrow),
but I noted that the two things - besides toilet paper -
that I don't want to run out of are
ink cartridges for our printer and
salt for the water softener.
Of course, this morning we ran out of ink!
I also recorded on the last journal page
my two most dreaded of frequent household chores.
They are emptying the silverware compartment of the dishwasher
and folding men's undershirts.
I got that off my mind.

four plus three

Tomorrow these four books will join three items yet-to-be-determined
to be the seven items I will dispose of
(matching the numerical day of the month - 7).
The exercise has been challenging in a surprising way--
that is, LIMITING myself to the actual number prescribed by the date!
By the way, these are DUPLICATE books.
I could not bear to part with any of them if they were my only copies.
Have you read any of them?
Such classics...

goodbye buttons

I have tins.  MANY tins.
Some are empty.  Some are full.
This one is empty now.
Yesterday it contained buttons.
I'm on a new adventure in simplifying this month
Today, that involves buttons...
If you're interested, read about it HERE.