i really like...

"Be faithful to your own taste
because nothing you really like
is ever out of style."  
(Billy Baldwin)
I really like these chairs. 
I have tried to remember when and where
I purchased them, but cannot.
What I DO remember is handing the vintage curtains
over to a friend who upholstered the chairs
and this ottoman...
Together with this small hooked rug they have occupied 
a room in the last three houses we've lived in.
They are very much "in style" as far as I'm concerned!

no-color hair color

After uploading this picture (and not a great one photography-wise), I wonder about my hair color -- or lack thereof.  Or maybe it is just the neutral colors of my Tee-Shirt that do nothing to bring out the color.   Hmmmmmmmmm.

I like dangly earrings

I've got some thinking to do. 
It's never bothered me before now.
If I WERE to color it,
I'm not sure what color I'd choose.
As I recall,
my grandmother chose BLUE.
(Does anyone remember the  results when women
used to try to brighten their grey-
-or at least I GUESS that's what they were doing?!?!)

do you catch my drift?

I'm still here.  Trying to stretch the few pieces of thrift-store-bought clothes that currently fit me to suffice until I successfully transition back into the tons in my closet that DON'T fit me today! Here, a denim vest, light-colored denim skirt, bright top and colorful beads fashioned by a sweet child in our church.
I see a bit of elastic waistband showing here.
This is something I will avoid in the future.  
In my opinion it is NOT attractive 
and it makes it too easy to "drift" into sloppy habits
(if you catch my drift)!

some thrifty moves

Recently Janette asked, "What's a girl to do?"  Well, this is a PART of my answer.  A second-hand bicycle.  Almost vintage.  Custom painted a couple of years ago by my talented husband...
This morning I put two picturesque postcards into its basket along with some change ($.29@) and rode to the post office.  Postcards cost about 1/2 of a regular first class letter to send!  And aren't these pretty?

I wish there were more places within bike-riding distance.  I will never be a long distance rider, but as retirement decisions arise in the next few years, living within walking or riding distance of a library, grocery store, and church are definite issues to factor in!

2 x 1/2 table = 2 desks

Today I painted the back two legs of this 25"x 42" repurposed vintage table.  They were "married" to the original two legs and 1/2 the top of a vintage dining room table.  Designed to set against a wall, this desk will well suit the student, crafter, or writer.
Plenty of room on top to spread out papers and books!
A "fraternal twin" to it sits on our sun porch.  It differs in that it incorporates the original middle legs as the back legs of the new desk.
The original table proved too bulky for our dining area.
Now we have a desk to use and one to share or sell!

mother's day ephemera

I guess in the technical sense of the word these aren't ephemera.
I DO like the word though. 
I have a small collections of these.  
All were bought in thrift stores.  
I'm just drawn to them and can't tell you why.
For what I REALLY think about Mother's Day, 
you can read my reflections on my "main" blog.
I'll warn you though--it's complicated!

triple play

 Next to my denim jackets, these wool ones are my favorite, casual ones.
I remember my grandmother's that hung in a closet in their garage.
It was there to wear on chilly mornings in the garden.
This brown one is my favorite.  It is also the only one with a label.
I think the others may be handmade.
Their workmanship is excellent.
 Big pockets.  Big buttons.  Shoulder pads.
All thrifted.
They're airing out on the clothesline this morning.
Then I'll probably put them away for the season
and pull them out again in the fall.

yard furnished by thrift

A couple of days ago, this was the sight beside our cabin.  
The tarp protecting our lawn furniture from winter's weather was removed.
The pile was uncovered--
curbside treasures, thrift store finds, and garage sale purchases
to be arranged throughout our yard and flower beds.
These rusty-whites now sit together behind the cabin.
Eventually, this bottomless bird cage will hang in a branch
just over the cushionless loveseat.
There is a small round piece of glass to top the side table SOMEwhere...
All in all, these rusty whites combine to make an interesting vignette
against the backdrop of the cabin.
Unusual, quirky, and VERY inexpensive!
Just part of a yard furnished by thrift.

thrifty & nifty!

Early this morning, I divided some of my perennials, loaded them in my lady-size wheelbarrow (found at a garage sale, if I remember correctly), and drove to share them with a friend.  We got them planted before the shower.  If purchased in a nursery, these plants would have cost anywhere from $50-$75 dollars.  What a great way to save!
 Last week, this friend shared rhubarb from her garden with me.  When I got home this morning, I pulled out a recipe from another friend, stuck the card in a flower frog (thrifted), and went to work baking these rhubarb brownies!  Can't wait to eat one!
I tasted them!  DELICIOUS!
I don't garden myself, but gratefully accept garden produce 
and try to incorporate it into our menu.  
Nothing as thrifty & nifty & TASTY as home-grown and home-baked!

extending easter

 It's still cool outside.  I chose this rich purple top to wear to church this morning...
When putting away the Easter decorations, 
I decided to keep the blue and green Easter eggs out
and extend the season a wee bit further!
They make a cheerful centerpiece sitting on my everyday tablecloth
which I bought at a thrift store, patch and all!
(Something about the patch warms my heart.)
The colors of the eggs are reflected in a few of the pillows I have
AND this darling pitcher I won Friday night...
a door prize at a lovely ladies' spring dinner I attended.