my kind of place

...this, May Sarton's description
of Eva La Galliennes' house...
It's my kind of place.

i still do

I still do.
Anyone else?

when you've gotta go...

After some major sorting, I've decided to part with these ornaments--two layers of bulbs here in this 18"x14" box.  Many (if not most) are vintage.  I simply needed/wanted to keep and store red and blue bulbs, so I'm going to try to sell this whole box for $5.  If they don't sell after a couple of weeks, they'll join multiple garlands and wreaths in the donation box of a favorite thrift store.  When you've gotta go, you've gotta GO!

pleased as punch

After many hours of contemplation,
we decided to leave this hanging rack in its rustic condition.
My wonder-working husband dismantled an old, useless ladder
to fashion this 57 1/2" long piece.
I envision it hanging in a laundry room or entry hall.
I have neither --
so we're posting it on a few Facebook buy/sell pages.
Meanwhile, I'm "pleased as punch" at this re-purposed item!

I looked up the etymology of that phrase and found this at Mental Floss:
The pleased Punch in question is not a drink, but a puppet. 
The traditional, ages-old Punch and Judy puppet shows feature the married couple 
battling each other with clubs. 
 In the original story,line hunchbacked, hook-nosed Punch 
eventually beats not only his wife to death, but also his infant child, 
with a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer and the Devil. 
Punch is deliciously self-satisfied with his sadism, constantly uttering his catchphrase: 
“That’s the way to do it!” Punch’s strutting pride in his awful deeds is what led to the coining of the phrase of being “pleased as Punch.”

Hmmmmm.  Maybe it's NOT a phrase I should continue using! 

tools of my trade

These pens.
They were all I wanted for Christmas, and I got three of them.
They are harder and harder for me to find in stores.
Usually I go for the orange (red?) barreled ones - they are fine point.
But these, medium points, are working just fine.
This date book.
I've used this format for several years now.
It begins the August before the new year so has already been broken in.
Every year, I look over other formats
but return to this one.  It works just fine for me.