herding cats 2

 "Herding Cats 2" because #1 is already written...
 a reflection on an experience I had on Sunday.  You can read it here (if you care).
 It sent me photographing these cats and cat-related objects
that I've collected while thrifting--
not for myself, but for a cat-loving friend.
 It dawned on me that the results of my  thrifting forays in past
 have left me with a challenge that could be described as...
"herding cats".  
Do you know what I mean?

worn familiarity

"I am not a collector of anything.  I just take home what's been lost letting its humble  and soulful beauty live again along with pieces I can rest my heart on."  
Said (and illustrated) so beautifully here, I think it comes close to expressing 
exactly what I gravitate towards 
in accenting our simple dwelling...

Nothing new, really....in ANY sense of the word!
Just old, thrifted or "found" items that catch my eye
and comfort me with their worn familiarity...

blue and white

Seems like blue and white are popping up EVERYwhere in Blogland lately.
And here in our house, I've surrounded myself with blue!
(This is just a sprinkling of what's here!)

See a little more "blue" on my Pinterest Board HERE.

my sentiments, exactly

black skirts

denim jackets

What a relief!  British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has declared that Kate Middleton should "re-wear her outfits to help the environment".

"I don't have any advice to her, except I think it would be great if she wore the same clothes over and again, because that's  very good for the environment and it would send out a very nice message...If you're going to all that trouble to get an outfit that suits you, then you should keep on wearing it," she said.

  My sentiments, exactly!
I think I SHALL keep on wearing "it".

,,,and I'm still unpacking!

AND it looks like I'll keep on using Currier & Ives blue & white dishware, too!  On Saturday my husband and I were checking out the "flea market" part of a nearby antique mall.  When I saw 52 pieces of this dishware for $8, I couldn't pass it up even though I already have a cupboard full.  I still wonder if there was a mistake in pricing!

...my cupboard currently...

double pleasure

 I selected this color for the second bench (or "bednch" as I've dubbed them).
My husband constructed them out of railings from a baby's bed
that we found discarded curbside some time ago.
This one was the first one he did.
He painted it white and will donate it to a silent auction
to be held at our church later this month.
I can't wait until spring to find a place on our porch for the green one!
Below - one of the sides of the crib that was split to make two of the arms of the bench....
Quite a transformation, huh?

temporary solution

 Susan's comment on my post yesterday sent me searching.
I remembered having two Tiffany-style lamp shades somewhere.
While this one isn't the perfect shape,
it is a temporary solution..
...at least until I find the OTHER one (more blue and white).
I just can't remember where I put it,
and I can't remember where I purchased either one of them.
I'm positive it was a thrift store or garage sale though.
Thanks, Susan!

going up

 I think the most unique & beautiful feature of our otherwise unexceptional
old house is the open stairway.
 Visible from our front door,
 it's basically impossible to miss!
Some folks would probably paint it all white - and I have seen and admired white
paneled staircases.   Just can't bring ourselves to do it, though.
Except for keeping it dusted (no small task),
it requires little else from us except to enjoy.
(Oh, dear!  After viewing these pictures, I KNOW I need to replace the floor lamp shade!
Any suggestions about shape & style?)

almost free

 Except for "a couple of screws" needed to fasten the seat,
this sweet bench was made entirely from free materials!
My husband spend several hours in the garage yesterday with some bedsteads we'd found
a few years ago in a trash pile on the curb.
The seat was made from boards salvaged from packing boards or pallets
being discarded outside of the old Borders store!
(He has enough material to make another one, too.)
I'm trying to decide what color to paint it.
I'm thinking "bright".
Any suggestions?????

the more the merrier

 and merrier!
 After struggling to adopt the "Less is more" mantra,
I'm giving up!

ABIGAIL AHERN is partially responsible! I just LOVE her work and the way she shares her decorating philosophy... "Don’t stop decorating too soon, most people actually do and it shows. Walls are bare, tables are empty, there might be one cushion on a sofa if we’re lucky, possibly a few lights NOT ENOUGH. The more you dress a room, the more intriguing a room becomes. Please don’t ask me about dust, yes you have to dust more but what would you rather a space that you truly long to return to at the end of the day or an empty box. Nor do I believe the line ‘my life is so cluttered and full my house needs to feel spacious and empty’. Rubbish, come on you’ve just not spent any time on softening it up simple as that, and who can feel comfortable, squishy and contented in an empty shell of a room?"

it's perfect

It's soft;
it's comfortable;
it's white;
it's old;
it's perfect!