listening pleasure

My recreational foray to my favorite thrift store this morning
yielded me several vinyl albums.
I was particularly thrilled to find several of ones
I had in my collection in the late 60's.
I can't wait to listen to them.
At 50 cents a pop, I'm set for hours of listening pleasure.

easy alteration

Recently, I told my coffee friends about my failure to find a navy and white striped top,
I was rewarded with this shirt, found by one of the friends at an estate sale!
Unfortunately, it was a size too large.
I had to roll up the sleeves, and it stretched down to cover my hips.
And it had a turtleneck collar.
I wore it once.  It has since lain - forlorn and unworn. -
draped over the back of a chair...
awaiting its fate.
This morning, I took pinking shears to it!
I'm very pleased with this quick and easy alteration.
It's certain to get many wears in the future.