Monday's Meanderings

 Started yesterday at the thrift shop with grandsons...Amazing bargains!  Among my favorites, these two vintage paint-by-number paintings of my favorite subject--florals!
Evening hours were spent in Auburn IN viewing these life-size cast bronze sculptures. What I was wearing wasn't nearly as important as the realistic wardrobes on the statues!

professional wear

I found this set of "professionals" in the toy bin at the thrift store yesterday.  I "had" to have them!

All the tops were $1.00 I didn't really need any, but decided this one was unusual.  There are sparkly stones above the fringe that didn't show up on this picture...

I also got the floral pillow yesterday.  Its colors are the same as the needlepoint butterfly pillow behind it (also a thrift store buy).

Picture This

A tree fell during the storm last night. Can you see the barriers to my left?  It lays across the street this morning awaiting Power Company scrutiny since it has downed power lines.

I'm out here wearing my comfortable sleeveless dress.  The denim black vest covers a part of my arms I'm not comfortable exposing.  It is SO hot and humid.  It's difficult to be "stylish" without bearing more skin than I want to!

Yesterday I found a trundle (if that's what you call the bottom part of a single bed) at my favorite thrift store.  The mattress had never been outside its cover.  We hauled out the double bed in our guest room and set up the single with trundle.  That meant I had to rearrange some pictures on the wall.

I thought I'd show you some of them.  They've all been purchased at thrift stores except for the tulip painting which my mother-in-law painted... 

It's a lot--I know.

Mirrors Don't Lie

I see what I see and need to take corrective measures!  I was out in public like this and didn't realize that I had a "foundation" issue!  I AM back to work on the weight issue already.  See my plan at Power, Love and Self-Control.

Blue Tee, khaki skirt, white belt and sandals....

                                           ...and a smile.

Going for the Gold

I went for the "GOLD" this morning--a gold stretchy shirt/top with black skirt & tan heels.

After a busy Friday and Saturday, I'm looking forward to a relaxing afternoon - after taking my husband out for a Father's Day dinner, of course.

Wearing Grandchildren!

There for a few hours, I felt like I was "wearing" grandchildren! 

One of my Collections

I have at least 50 tins scattered throughout our house. This is my latest - purchased with at least 7 other items for a grand total of $2.17 (including tax). This one joins the ones below and maybe 10 others in our bedroom.
(OK.  Maybe I need to get the dust rag out!)
If you MUST know, I'm wearing basically the same thing I wore on Tuesday.  Do YOU ever do that?

Sunshine and Cottonwood Seeds

Sonoma capris and a long-sleeve white tee with a cut-out stripe across its top.
Some dangly earrings add to the pizazz.
A classic casual look for me on this sunny day!  
Sunshine and a serious wind
are sending the humidity scurrying.
At the same time, the cottonwood seeds 
are ALSO blowing furiously...

How about these cloth napkins?  I found them at "my" thrift store yesterday!  It had been a long time since I'd been there and there were many new goodies -- apparently the leftovers of the numerous garage sales the weekends of May and June.

Simple Clothes for Simple Days

Cool and simple.  Khaki skirt, olive green Tee, tan belt...flip flops (the closest slip-ons to the front door)...

It's nothing spectacular but will suit my schedule just fine today.  Clouds are overcast; it's muggy; storms expected.  Good day to enjoy the air-conditioning and get some indoor jobs accomplished.

Too Hot to Handle

I don't handle heat well.  And it has been hot and muggy!  I had this outfit along with me in Kentucky this past week.  I wore it one evening after a shower to wash off the dust of a long, arduous hike.

This morning I will wear it to church.  The dress was given to me by a friend; the vest is from my closet - thrifted, I'm sure. 

For those who wonder, I had a very satisfying and refreshing time at the Abbey of Gethsemani.  I've posted about it in my other blogs listed in the sidebar:  flowers and other scenery in the garden blog; hiking experiences in the healthy living one, and thoughts and reflections in my main blog.  Of course, you're welcome to visit any of them if you have time and are interested...

Dressed for Church

I pulled this very casual dress off the shelf this morning and decided to dress it up with a light-weight jacket, black belt and shoes, and a brooch the same color as the jacket.

 I hope the wrinkles work their way out of the dress.  I had NO time to try out the steamer I thrifted a few weeks ago.


I believe this dress will do nicely for my five-day trip to the Abbey of Gethesami in Kentucky next week.  It's comfortable, versatile and will travel easily.

I probably won't have access to internet and cell phone while at the Abbey.  It may be awhile until I post again.  I'll miss all you  "fashionable friends" while I'm gone!


After rolling up the cuffs of my denims yesterday, I decided to find a brooch to secure them. This was the result. I'm still no Tziporah.


No sooner had I uploaded this picture than the sky turned even darker than my face and the rains began (again)!

I decided to add my white studded belt to the light-weight ruffled blouse I'm wearing with the brown plaid-patterned jeans  -- rolled up to acknowledge the heat that Spring has carried with it the past few days. 

I will be doing some research via the internet unless the storm stops me this morning.  I'm sure thankful my husband got the lawn mowed last night!