in praise of inexpensive lipstick

Dollar General carries wet n wild lipstick. 
I've found it as satisfactory as much-more expensive brands
(not that I'm an expert, but I've tried several others).
It seems to last longer on my lips than some others,
doesn't dry them out,
and I'm pleased with this color.
"Why not?"  I ask myself!

talking turkey

 Spent an hour or so bringing out turkey
and figuring out what part of Halloween to keep out!
 Actually, I don't have so much to add
and very little to subtract.
 Here are a few of the additions..
 Mostly, I enjoy the colors and the season..
(Oh...yes.  That IS dust you see here and there!)

necessity and invention

Necessity is the mother of invention, someone has said.
Well, I've done this before and am sure it is not MY invention,
but when I needed a larger envelope to hold some picture postcards
I wanted to give to Joy,
I pulled a page out of a magazine.
Stick glue sealed the edges.
I always enjoy the customization possible when I remember
to pull out this old trick that costs me NOTHING!

in with the old

 Seemed like the right time to figure out
 where I'd stored the early autumn decorations.
 Having found them,
 I was pleased with the ones I'd chosen to keep last year at the end of the season.
"In with the old," is my motto this year.
All but the white one with a lid (which I made in a ceramics store)
were thrift store finds.
I doubt that ANY of them are in the same place this year as last...
I'm enjoying the small change of scenery.

this & a salted caramel mocha latte

 If you guessed Barnes and Noble,
 you're right!
 As usual, it was a relaxing afternoon.
 I went alone this time 
leaving my hubby to watch football.
 I came home with a head-full of ideas
 and a list -
 hastily scratched out on the only paper I could find
since I'd left my little notebook at home.
That's how I roll!


I couldn't wait for the second coat of paint
to show your our current project!
The pedestal had sat in our garage for a LONG time.
(Found curbside, as I recall.)
Last week as we drove to a house walk in West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne,
I noticed a round table top sitting at someone's trash can.
I told my husband to back up and check it out.
It fits.
And the paint is a quart of blue we'd picked out for the cupboard 
we just completed.  
We thought of using this color, but at the last minute 
I changed my mind.
I DO think it's perfect on this table,
don't you?
By the way, there were also 4 legs sitting by the round top.
I already have a plan for them!

better than i expected

 I'm glad we chose to paint this old cupboard white!
 It fits our space beautifully
 and fulfills an important storage function in the dining area of our kitchen.
SO happy we lugged this cabinet home from a garage sale!

just imagine

Well, now that you've seen how we restored the (free) vintage stereo,
just IMAGINE how this cabinet will look restored!
Seen here lying on its back, it stands up beautifully 
and has several shelves to its credit.
I can't wait to show you how it looks when my husband is finished with it.
(It was discovered in the very back of a garage of a house uninhabited for nine years
as friends conducted a garage sale before auctioning the house.)

the diamond

The "Diamond"
(See previous post for the details.)
Suffice it to say that we chose the safe and sophisticated color of black
to finish our stereo.

diamond in the rough

Call me what you want -
cheap, frugal, stubborn -
I have wanted a stereo for a long, LONG time.
Never has the price been right until THIS one.
"Free" the sign read on Saturday morning
(the last hours of a garage sale in a neighboring small town).
The gentleman even helped us load it.
He said he'd purchased it with his first paycheck in 1968
from a Murphy's store in Kentucky.
He said it had worked the last time he tried it but made no guarantees.
We plugged it in as soon as we got home
Sure enough!  It works.  Only a little bit of hesitation in the loud/soft control.
A friend of ours is coming over to fix it on Wednesday.
My husband mended the hinged top
and now I'm trying to decide on what color to paint it.
I'm thrilled with this diamond in the rough.
The first record album we played was an old Glen Campbell one I had
in a stack of records I've been saving for this day.


 Did we watch it?
Of course we did!
In the thriftiest way possible.
How about you?

those good old "buy one get one free" coupons

 They sure come in handy.
 It was a great morning for a great morning!

by candlelight...

Our electricity went out last night.
Rumor had it that it would be 1:30 a.m. before power was restored.
By the remaining light of day, I gathered candles and hunted frantically for working flashlights.
By nightfall, we were comfortably settled in to enjoy a calm, quiet evening.
I think I'll just let these candles sit on the tray and light them now and then
when I want another calm, quiet evening
(and restock our flashlights' bulb/battery supply).
As happy as I am that power was restored,
there is something to be said for the peace and calm of an evening
without all the "artificial" pleasures that electricity enables.

"we need wabi-sabi"

I've got quite a BIT of wabi-sabi in my home
and have found the book Wabi-Sabi Welcome encouraging and relaxing just to read it!
"simply showing up, not showing off"
"live large, open lives"
 "largely about learning to pay better attention"
"uncluttered way of living"
ALL this and so much more..
Especially I like "learning to embrace the imperfect"!


 These beautiful succulents sitting on the window sill beside our table
 in a downtown Lancaster PA restaurant last week
 reminded me of how much I enjoy plants
 and missed those back home!
I have only a few -
and the ones I DO have require very little attention.
Still I would miss them if they weren't there...

dress shopping

 It's been a long time since I've shopped for clothes.
I needed a loose-fitting, long cool dress(es) to wear
at a conference we'll be attending.
I have NO luck in stores and shops.
So I turned to the internet where I encountered sticker shock!
Before I took the plunge, I ran up the road to a thrift store.
To my pleasant surprise, I found two dresses that will work just fine,
thank you!
$1.50 each.
Now to dig through my lingerie drawer to find a  suitable slip for the see-through dress above.

and this

...and this.
A $5 3-drawer chest.
My husband added the legs, repaired the top,
painted the frame black and left the drawers natural.
In the process, we discovered someone had etched "Tyler" into on the of the drawers,
so we went to our miscellaneous drawer to find something to cover the inscription.
This handsome piece now sits beside my blue recliner
and provides much appreciated storage space chairside.


"Yes" to free
and thanks to friends, Lynn and Donna!
And "yes" to my volunteer.
Thanks, Dad!
"Yes" to applesauce!
Oh......and that desk in the previous post?
And a huge shout out of appreciation to my talented husband.


 Just about ready for paint....
the chest above purchased for $5,
repaired/patched on the top left hand corner,
and fitted with some new legs.
This one, I have a plan and a place for in our home.
The desk below was found on a trash pile
covered with maps glued over several - maybe 3 - coats of paint.
My husband rebuilt parts of this desk and added the two legs.
We'll try to sell it since our home is already overrun with desks.
There's always a market for sweet, small desks like this!


I simply could NOT pass up this Baby Ben clock
at the thrift store I visited while on vacation.
Only $1 bought a time piece that works perfectly
and looks charming at the same time!
Nothing soothes like the rhythmic tick-tock of a Baby Ben clock!

perfect fit

 Over the years, I've collected a modest amount of barkcloth fabric--
old curtains, pillow covers, etc.
When we arrived home after a week of vacation yesterday,
I noticed the sun had shifted enough that I needed to come up with a remedy 
to close the top part of the windows overlooking our table to prevent the glare.
I went to my stash and was delighted to find these two panels!
I'm pretty sure they've never hung in these window before.
I'm enchanted with the way they meet the tops of the shutters so perfectly. 
I imagine they'll hang here for quite awhile!