hunting goodwill

 Yesterday, my appointments took me in the vicinity of a Goodwill Store
in Defiance, OH.
Seldom do I shop Goodwill locally.  The prices are too high;
too much of the merchandise is new.
 But this particular store was a pleasurable exception
to my local experiences.
 As you can see, I did not leave the store empty-handed!


 Yes, we are.  Couch-less.
 After selling our $20 garage-sale find (sectional couch),
 I spread out the chairs in our living room
 and am just FINE with the results!
 I'm all over the chart with lighting in these photos....
but it gives you an idea of how we're living!
All chairs except for the large leather Man Chair
were garage sale or thrift store finds. 
 Well, not this rocking chair.  It belonged to my grandparents.
I even called this backless, rustic chair into service!
Turned it around so the flat side was against the wall.
(There are multiple pillows to hold since we are couch-less.)
As you can tell,
I have a THING for chairs.

refuge coffee house

 I like coffee, old brick, and rich colors...
 I love my husband...
 I like coffee houses with unique ambiance...
 and the "little things" that say "Welcome"...
 I like interiors and paintings on the wall...
 and old, wooden furniture...
 I like leather...
 welcoming spaces...
 and tables and chairs...
 I'd probably like open mic nights (though I'm not sure)...
so is it any wonder that I found this coffee house on the town square
in Carlinville  IL a delightful place to pass an hour or so
while waiting to go to the evening's visitation
for my mother-in-law who died last Saturday?
The coffee was great.
The food choices were tempting.
The sight of our son when he arrived was like
the addition of cream to one's coffee (if you like cream).
A good name for THIS one!

recreational reading

 I spent a couple of hours of Recreational Reading
at Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon.
As much as I enjoy the pleasures of blogging,
there's STILL something about paging through a magazine....
 My "take-home" were these photographic notes to myself
with ideas of how to incorporate a few of my existing accessories
into Christmas decorating this year.
I sold many of my brass candle holders this past year.  
I THINK I might have enough
to hold a few of the vintage tree toppers I have
(if I can find them - candle holders AND tree toppers).
I'm going to be on the lookout for stray goblets.
I thought this assemblage was simply gorgeous...
One other idea I gleaned was to stick some fresh greens
into artificial wreaths.  
(This one appealed to me since I have many artificial wreaths
and little extra money for fresh.)
How will YOU be incorporating existing accessories into your Christmas decor?

new life for old

 Who says there aren't curbside treasures still waiting to be found?
 A repair to a crack across the top,
 the addition of some white pulls,
 and some home-made chalk paint, lightly distressed and waxed
gave new life to this sweet little half-round table. 
Oh!  It looks even BETTER inside!

everyday fashion

This morning:  A thrifted T, belt and necklace...
topped with a thrifted brown denim jacket...
wearing a thrifted, Jones corduroy skirt
and photographed via a thrifted mirror.
Style doesn't get MUCH thriftier than this!
Well, actually, yes it does.
I wore the same outfit yesterday.
I don't plan to see the same set of people today.
(Not that it would matter.) 

Do YOU ever wear the same outfit two days in a row?

While wearing the outfit yesterday, I stopped at a garage sale.
It was being set up as I shopped...
I couldn't resist this frame.
 It's a BIG one.

seller's remorse

I definitely had it - seller's remorse, that is!
My husband took a $2 (or was it $4) find
and found this incredible design under the brown paint 
which he then proceeded to carefully remove.
He crafted a door to replace the missing one.
I listed it on a facebook garage sale at a rather high price (I thought)
thinking it wouldn't sell
and then I could keep it.
It didn't happen that way.  Maybe I should have asked more for it!


Well, I broke in my new old Aerosoles today.
The combination of a just-right heel height
and comfortable inners
made my $1.50 purchase at one of my favorite thrift stores earlier this week
a good decision.
The shoes were like new--very few signs of ANY wear.
Not everyone is comfortable wearing used shoes,
but I have done so for many, many years with no regrets.
The savings REALLY add up!


 Doors opened at the first Bazaar at 8:00.  I was up and ready before light dawned!
My friend arrived, and we started our Holiday Bazaar tour,
beginning with one in our small village
and then to two others in a nearby small town.
 While the main items were homemade crafts and baked goods,
I was ecstatic to find several curtain panels
made of vintage barkcloth (above).
 Children in the Sunday School at one church made nativity ornaments like the one above
which was worth the price just for the pattern!
I think I'm going to have supplies with me when we meet with our 11 grandchildren
later this month so that each one can
 make one to hang on their 2013 Christmas tree.
The way home took us past a large moving sale.
The frame was on the free table right inside the entrance. 
I grabbed it!
 And though not a strong cake-baker,
I couldn't pass up these two vintage cake carriers.
($1 each)

 The beautiful pink table cloth has only one small flaw in it.
Half a dollar purchased much pink pleasure.
 And the vintage Jim Bean decanter matches another one I have
 packed away SOMEwhere here at Gatescroft...
Finally, this retro chair caught my eye.  It was almost free!
Another chair for my collection.
Bazaar-ing with a friend was a great way to spend a cloudy, autumn morning!