art at the park(view)

The cardiac unit at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne has been my tromping ground the past few days.  (My husband had quadruple bypass surgery on Wednesday.)  As I wait and walk about, I have appreciated the various art works scattered strategically throughout the halls and waiting rooms.
If the photos I took are any indication, it appears that the rural scenes are my favorites--although the colors in the floral above caught my eye, too...
These are only a few of the paintings that invite a silent look; 
a peaceful pause in the long hours that pass so slowly.
In addition to the paintings, there are large, photographic pieces and a few abstract paintings.  
It would be interesting to take an art tour here one day under less stressful circumstances...

room for one more

 We were there when the doors opened at 5:00 p.m. last night
for our favorite Church Rummage.
 Usually I wait until Saturday's $5/bag sale,
but I'm sure glad I didn't this time!
Priced at only $3, I'm positive this rug runner would not have been left.
 It now joins two other patterned rugs in our kitchen/dining area.
It is an absolutely gorgeous accessory on our dark laminate floor.


Well!  This turned out well!

silent sentinel

Rather worn and ragged,
 it uncomplainingly stands beside my makeshift bed,
 handsome, sturdy, useful.
Pulled into temporary service, 
it has stood as silent sentinel to pain and
holder of all and any things necessary for recovery.
I'm thankful it caught my eye one day at a thrift store or garage sale.
Details escape me.