introducing #10

This is our newest granddaughter.  While everyone else played in the swimming pool, she and I got acquainted!  I held my cell phone out in front of us and took these pictures.  I didn't want to miss capturing our first moments together.....
She's our 10th grandchild (4th granddaughter).
Her name is the Ethiopian equivalent of the Biblical name Phoebe.

scarves someday

This morning as I was reading my favorite blogs, I was reminded about this colorful scarf I bought a long time ago at a thrift store.  I am rather inept at tying scarves.  I never feel that I've mastered the art and seldom end up wearing one.  I should have spent more time looking at the examples on Low Fat Dressing.  I COULD have done better.
 One thing is for sure...this scarf has a lot of beautiful colors and patterns in it!
If I could master the skill required for tying it, it would have multiple possibilities!  
Each corner has it's own color combination.
 One of these days, I'll get it figured out!

green, green, it's green they say...

Emboldened by the color of our newly painted desk
I was attracted to this top at the local Meijer store yesterday. 
On clearance for $2.00,
I decided it was a good (and thrifty) addition to my pre-spring wardrobe.
--not to mention suitable for wearing
on St. Patrick's Day--
I really like the pattern!
 It helped cheer me up when I discovered I'd inadvertently removed an entire list of  home style/"junking"/simple lifestyle/thrift store shopping blogs last night!  I used the list on my sidebar to visit my favorite sites.  It was a lazy way to follow without being an official follower.  Now I'm trying to gather them all over again.
What a (very) small-scale tragedy it was for me.

Anyone else old enough to remember the folk song?
Green, green, it's green, they say
On the far side of the hill.
Green, Green, I'm going away
To where the grass is greener still.♪

the queen of all colors

A post on Vignette Design is where I found this Renoir quote:  "I've been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black."

Black IS queen in one of our bathrooms.  It just "happened" that way.

I picked up accessory pieces at thrift stores now and then, here and there...

Three black tins (part of my larger collection).
 An abstract painting, framed in black.
 A small stand with a refinished top, and painted base.
 A wicker fold up sewing cabinet, currently holding towels & husband's underwear
(so convenient after showering).
 A "found" chair--seat covered in a bark cloth vintage fabric and its frame painted black.
The sink base cabinet was the last item to be painted black. 
If black IS queen in our bathroom, I'm not sure WHAT is king!

Black is DEFINITELY king in my wardrobe
(just in case you haven't noticed)!

perfect and not so much

 ...and not so perfect.
I have several great pieces of pottery in my collection.  I think all but one of was purchased in thrift stores or at garage sales.  Still my eye is drawn to imperfect and strange bits of pottery such as these three.  I'm sure some of them were art projects of junior high students, but that doesn't diminish my fascination with them.  I discovered the heart-shaped one at a thrift store last week.  It sent me digging for the other two pieces AND a place to display all of them.

pleasure bent

As I was leaving the second (and final) thrift store of my thrifting excursion this past week, my eyes fell on a jewelry box filled with pieces.  It took some sorting, but I came up with this pair of dangly earrings.  Definitely MY style....and for 50 cents, a bargain!
 I found this woven heart at my first stop...
 ...and enough designer fabric to cover two chair seats with PLENTY left over for future projects.

It had to be neutral enough to sit
 at the same table with
this VERY "loud" pattern.
and it had to be VERY inexpensive.
Although on pleasure she was bent, she had a frugal mind. - William Cowper

before and since (janie)

B.J. (Before Janie) I wasn't much into painted furniture.  But look at me NOW!
I had decided on painting this desk green when I remembered we had some paint that might work.  (I realize now that the paint was old - and we probably SHOULD discard all of our old paint. Still, it was a frugal and thrifty decision to use up what we had.)  My husband kindly and capably sanded, primed and painted yesterday, and this is the result.
B.J. (Before Janie), I would have been perturbed about the way the paint covered.  
But S.J. (Since Janie) I am embracing the imperfection and actually seeing the beauty in it.
The color goes quite well with the colors in this thrifted pillow
and the leaves in the rooster picture hanging above the desk.
It DOESN'T match the green in the chair seat covering as well as I'd hoped.
That's fine.  I'm happy.


"irresistible" is the only word for these three oil paintings
that I found at my favorite thrift store today.
Do they fit into my color scheme?  
But I have difficulty passing up floral oil paintings.
Do you find certain things "irresistible"?

over the top

 These two...shelves my husband built over the top of two of our bedroom windows.

 These two...over the top of inexpensive bookshelves.  Also in our bedroom.

These two...over the top of the upstairs bathroom door and window 
on shelves constructed by my husband.
Almost EVERYTHING on these shelves and bookcases was found at thrift stores.
They are NOT my complete collection of decorative tins,
rose-patterned china pieces, globes, or turquoise-colored glassware.

hearts and jacket

 Before leaving for our Study Group this morning,
I decided to make heart hang-ups for each lady. 
I pulled out my almost-depleted wallpaper sample book 
(a thrift-store find, naturally),
cut out heart shapes, cut backgrounds on which I glued the hearts,
printed out favorite quotes from the chapter we're studying today (Celebration of Discipline),
glued on a button or two, modpodged & punched a hole for a ribbon hanger.
This is the jacket I wore.  I love its nubby texture, covered buttons, and general cut and style!
Of course, it TOO was a thrift store find!

out with the old

From this....
To this...
Complete story HERE.

parting is such sweet sorrow

In the past, my fascination with tables and chairs has known no bounds!  I redeemed many a stray from their thrift store existences.  This table is a prime example. For at least a year now, it found a temporary home in the garage/workshop where it experienced a bit of abuse as smaller items were placed on it to be repaired.  Finally, desperate to clear the space, its marred (and veneer) top was painted.  Hopefully it will find its way to a new home via Craig's List or an early spring garage sale.
These two chairs will be offered as its companions.  Lovely as they are, I have drawn the line with the thirty-five (or more) chairs I already have in our seven rooms.  I can't imagine changing any of them out with these two.  My loyalty level is too high. 
The thought of parting with them is painful.  Maybe painful enough that I won't be redeeming any more chairs or tables in the immediate future.  (Thanks to my wonder-worker husband for his careful and excellent repair and refurbishing of my "finds".)

dressing the chandeliers

Can't help lovin' my chandeliers.  Trying to decide if/how to "dress" them.  Of course, there are always the traditional globes that came on them...but I've seen some interesting variations lately.  This may be my project for the week.  First, I need to address the cobwebs that I just noticed...There.  (I found both of these at thrift stores.  Prices on chandeliers at thrift stores have risen since I purchased these!)

Now, any suggestions?