I don't think I've worn this belt before.  I thrifted it in the past couple of months.  It is difficult to see the "sparklies" in the photo, but I think it gives a nice dress-up look to this plain Little Black Dress.  Because the day is so cool, I've worn the dress over a gold, stretchy T and accessorized with a simple gold necklace and earrings.  I've had the dress for a long time - just kind of forgot about it until I saw Sharon's post yesterday.

Church this morning.  A benefit pancake breakfast for dinner, and hopefully we'll be able to meet one of our children and her family later in the afternoon to celebrate a grandson's birthday.  They've been traveling and we're trying to make it happen on their way home.

Thrifted Cabin Style

We recently found these bunk-beds at a thrift store.  We replaced a full-sized bed with them in our guest cabin, freeing up floor space for a little more "living" room.  I recycled the flannel sheets, tucking them in snugly to serve as bottom sheets on the twin beds.  We're ready to take reservations!

Just For Today

...taking today off after an exhausting week of vests!

I'll be mending a nasty tear in my most comfortable chenille robe, drinking hot teas with lemon to ward off a cold, trying to finish "Secrets of a Family Album" by Isla Dewar, and generally puttering around the house at a lazy pace.  I'm wearing my long, comfortable black corduroy skirt with a  long-sleeved T.


Call me determined - or call me crazy...I wanted to complete the week of vests.  Still riding high on comments about my OTHER red vest, I decided to give this one a try.  Hadn't worn these red shoes yet (thrifted a month or so ago) and maybe shouldn't be wearing open toes on such wintry days.  Maybe I'm just plain tired of vests! 

Maybe I'll try a pair of denim capris under this denim shirt-dress.  Don't hold your breath!

inVESTed still...

A man's leather vest today!  Brown with two pockets and belted with a stretchy brown belt with pink features in front!

I pulled out a white, ruffled blouse to feminize the look. Several brown bangle bracelets and brown leather shoes complete the look.  Everything is thrifted -- nothing recently.

Feeling a little left out since we have no live felines at our house, I am featuring an oil painting I found at a thrift store last week.  The colors are vivid and the cats quite charming in this amateur piece.

The Vest-Train Keeps on Rolling!

I bought these interesting black jeans yesterday for $1.00 (all ladies' slacks/jeans/sweaters were $1.00).  The legs are flared at the bottom; the fit is comfortable.

Accessories include a gold & silver belt and a short multi-chained necklace of gold and silver.

I couldn't pass up this unusual wire wall-hanging.  I wonder where it came from?!  I also bought a few vintage fabric pieces.  I will show them later. 


 Pleased with the way the vest perked up my outfit yesterday, I decided to wear this one!  Belted.

I'll be meeting a friend for lunch at the Olive Garden and running a couple of other errands. 

Here's the complete outfit....all items have been thrifted at one time or another and worn MANY times - again, just not in this combination.

Silver clunky earrings, a silver bracelet, and a silver heart on a necklace chain are my jewelry accessories.


I'm sure I've worn everything before--just not in this combination.  It's a stay-at-home day--so nothing fancy.  I ventured out on the front porch for this photo.  It's wet everywhere!  The snow should be melting if temperatures fall at all.  It can't happen too soon, as far as I'm concerned.  
black denim vest (matches black shoes)
necklace with brown and black stones
burgundy Tee
and subtly brown plaid slacks 
All thrifted.

Sunday, February 21

Burgundy  Pendleton skirt (thrifted)
Black top & belt (thrifted)
Burgundy tights (thirfted in package - never been opened!)

I'll wear my newly thrifted jacket over this.  I was having enough trouble with the camera and very little time to get the pictures taken.  The jacket didn't show up at all, but I think it is a nice finishing piece to my Sunday outfit.


In addition to a black skirt, I bought this black jacket yesterday while volunteering at a thrift store in a neighboring town.  Orange tags were 1/2 off!

I also bought a $.50 book full of classic art related to the Biblical story of Noah and the flood and a handmade mug from Mexico.  (Below is one example of art from the book.)

$2.27 was the total cost of my volunteering yesterday.
 Even without the "finds",  I consider it time well-spent.

Voluteering Today!

Today I'm dressed in my typically conservative style.  Gray skirt, maroon top belted with pink and accessorized with a 3-strand necklace of pearls and pinks.

This afternoon, I'll be filling in behind the counter at a thrift store where I volunteered regularly a couple of years ago.  Many of the volunteers are in Florida and the store depends on its volunteer staffers.

The proceeds benefit the local hospital.  I will enjoy my time and hope for a little time to browse!

Today's Outfit

After downloading this picture, I changed my jacket for one without the fur collar.  It looks much better!  Note the leopard print belt matching the scarf...

I added some clip-on earrings that give a vintage touch to my outfit.

Queen of the Jungle

This is the leopard print scarf I found at a Bryan OH thrift store.  I paid $.75 for it.  

For my amazing "find" at the grocery store yesterday (NOT fashion related), click here!


 That pretty well sums up my fashion style - Plain and Simple.  This sweater is another piece I purchased at the 1/2 price sale at the thrift store last Friday.  It is comfortable and warm.  (I just eyed it and didn't try it ion.  It looked smaller than it wears!  The sleeves are long, so I just rolled them up a couple of times....).

Having spent $.50 on the sweater, I can turn the thermostat down a degree or two in the house and save more on today's heating bill than I paid for the sweater!  My style is "thrifty" in more ways than one.

Today I need to sew a button on the cuff of the red blouse I wore yesterday.  I pinned it in desperation before church.  Note to self:  Be sure item is in good repair before hanging in the closet!

Plain and Simple.

Sunday Denim

Red shirt from my closet,
Thrifted belt and necklace with gold earrings
Newly thrifted skirt (1/2 price sale for a grand total of $.50!)

This "Tommy" skirt feels SO good to wear!
It has side slits to make walking easier...
I love denim.


If you look closely, you'll see how much this sports jacket was priced yesterday.  THEN take 50% off!  That's right!  Fifty cents for a jacket that fits my husband like a glove.  The colors are unique but not unattractive...

The second one, a black and white herringbone pattern, has an almost indiscernible hint of powder blue in it.

My husband suggested this excursion yesterday.  A thrift store in Bryan, OH has very limited hours and is open only two days a week.  We seldom go.  But yesterday EVERYTHING was 1/2 off.  I'm not showing everything we purchased....but here is a deco ice bucket.  It only cost $.20.

On the way to meet my husband to go to Bryan,  I stopped at Bargain Box in Hicksville, OH.  I bought 2 belts for $.25@.  I'm wearing one of them in this picture over a denim jumper that I also bought there for $1.50.  A third stop at a shop in Bryan netted me a leopard-print scarf for $.75 and a pair of maroon tights for $.25.

What a great day!  Valentine Gift enough for me.


I'm wearing this colorful pin on my jacket lapel this morning.  I'll be leading the hymn sing at Golden Years Retirement Home again.  I promised them a Valentine's Day treat the last time I was there, so I've bought some heart stickers and will pass them out (along with candy kisses) to the 40-50 residents who come to sing on Friday mornings.

"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make music in your HEART to the Lord..."  Ephesians 5:19.

I'm wearing my long, black corduroy skirt, a red/black/white print top,and jacket belted with a red elastic belt.  Yes, EVERYTHING was purchased at a thrift store.


Yesterday I saw a sleeveless denim dress worn open, belted, and  layered over a black long-sleeved T-shirt and black skirt.  You can see it here.) I was going to try that today but realized my denim dress had long sleeves.

I decided on this - belted with black patent leather belt and worn with black footless skinnies, and black stockings and shoes.  (I may go back upstairs and add a black T-shirt, but for now, I'm comfortable and  enjoying my first cup of coffee.)


I'm sitting in my recliner in a robe this morning while the wind whips the snow outside.  I have no plans to go anywhere - last of all thrifting!  I thought I'd take the time to expand on my last post where I mentioned that a customer had thinned out the 50 cent rack ahead of me...

I am only aware of the competition at this one smaller thirft store where all clothing with one color of price tags is gathered each Monday morning and put on a rack and sold for 50 cents .  I'd been there previously on Monday afternoons and noticed there wasn't so much on it, so THIS time I went early - just not early enough!  I couldn't believe the PILES of clothes being folded up and bagged for  the first customer!

I'm not aware of this currently happening at other stores (although years ago when I thrifted out of necessity for kids' clothes, etc. I DID know of one store where people lined up outside the door before it opened). At another store I frequent, I notice that many of the furniture pieces have "sold" signs on them.  It always makes me wonder if it comes out on a certain day, people know it, and buy up all the "good" stuff before I get there.  I guess I could ask.  I'm not going to stir the waters too much there because it seems no matter how large my pile is, the clerk smiles and says, $2.68.
I did finally get out of my robe and dress for a cozy at-home day.


I got there 20 minutes after the store opened.  Already a customer had shopped and claimed at least half of what had been hanging on the fifty-cent rack!  Now I see I need to be there when they unlock the door!  I saw this blouse with its faded "Sears" label and though it looked like something one of my fashion gurus would have snatched up.  So I did.  I didn't try it on at the shop, but when I got home I couldn't resist seeing how it fit.  Here it is with the skirt I was already wearing and the navy blue belt I thrifted last week..  I think I can make this work!

I like everything about this thrifted jacked that has been in my closet for years!  The vintage style, covered buttons, color and fit....I'm wearing it with earrings (black & white stones) given to me by a friend..

Worn with this black & white patterned skirt and a lace top it brings color and warmth to my Sunday morning outfit.
Black belt and shoes complete my Sunday School teacher look.


Today's denim jacket - another blazer type...
(I really like the weight and color of these glass beads.)
Note the unique wrist features!
There is a great rose monogram on the pocket, too.
Here's a not-too-wonderful photo of some of the items I thrifted yesterday.  $2.68 for all of this.  I was in a hurry or would have tried to deflect the flash better on the oil painting...It's colors are perfect for our bedroom where I have a collection of simple oil paintings in these tones.
Here's a closer look at the painting....the lighting STILL doesn't do it justice.