not perfect, but better....

 Yesterday, my husband brought this dollhouse into our living room,
lifting the wing of a gate-leg table we'd recently moved in to set it on.
He spent a couple of hours repairing/re-doing parts of the
partly assembled piece I'd purchased via a facebook garage sale site
earlier this year.
 He's a patient person, this man of mine!
He's at it again this Christmas Day--at least until it's
time to drive the hour distance to spend the afternoon with my parents.
"Not perfect, but better," he pronounced as he stepped back to
view one of the improvements....

what I did and didn't resist

 It was hard to resist this milk glass bowl,
 needle-worked reindeer piece
 (especially at THIS price),
 these pink flamingos and their tropical friends,
 inspirational plaque,
and ever-useful note cards...
so I didn't (resist them).
Christmas items were 50% off and picked over
at my favorite thrift store
when I stopped in on the way to visit my mother yesterday.
I DID resist them.
(It's always interesting to see what's new at the Bargain Box!)

treasures of the snow

With ideas from my Pinterest Board,
I SHOULD be able to keep him occupied all winter!
It took a snowy afternoon to finally get this done.
It's been on my mind for quite awhile now.
There's not TOO much that I like about winter,
but an afternoon like this
produces some of the treasures of the snow for me.

how the ball bounces here

 The time frequently comes to move a few items
out of the house to make way for something else....
or NOTHING else.
 There are a few items I've listed recently
on some local facebook pages.
 Most of them were purchased at thrift stores...
 a few at garage sales.
 They were not necessarily bought for resale, 
 and I've had my share of pleasure from all of them.
 Both the desk and the small stand below
 were snatched up quickly after being posted.
 The rest remain.  Waiting for a new home.
 I think I shall place a large, round Christmas candle on the stand below.
Just seems right somehow...
 And how I wish I didn't already have 2 rather large mirrors
 hanging already in our living room!

I will be reining in my thrift store shopping
until I've sold a few of these items.
That's just how the ball bounces here!

from hither and yon

 I'm not sure what it is about the "stray" nativity pieces
this year....
 Apparently they caught my eye.
 So much so that I've not dug out my sets this year--
 choosing instead to decorate with those lonely wisemen and shepherds 
 I've gathered from hither and yon over the past 12 months....

counting sheep

 Coming across this white fence in our game closet
while searching for something else....
 I thought, "Why not?"
It fits just right around our tabletop tree
and contains my small collection of sheep.
EVERYTHING was purchased at a thrift store
except for the table which I think was a garage sale purchase...
 I added a few "stray" shepherds from incomplete nativity sets.
 ....and some additional sheep.
After I figure out a good way to cover the tree stand itself,
this little project will be done!

i'm sure you don't.....

...have any spots that look like this!

I think my favorite professional decorator is Abigail Ahern.
Her web site/blog contains some of the most detailed and practical decorating tips
I know of!  It helps that I happen to like her style.
I'm going to be applying the eight tips from THIS particular post
to try to create an interesting and attractive vignette.
(My attempt will be challenging, because it happens to sit next
 to my husband's recliner and must be functional as well as beautiful.)
I'll see what I can do and will try to post the results soon.