Back to Basics

At home writing/researching, haircut  & thrifting(?), coffee with friend this evening
All thrifted
I especially like the "stretch" in this black blouse. 
It is comfortable and maintains its crisp look throughout the day.

Pleased with Plaid

Thrifted plaid Pendleton jacket ($4.95)
Two of three recently thrifted plaid skirt ($.16 each)
See a little more about "plaid" at my other blog ...

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like October!

 Moving some rocks today!
Thrifted jeans, denim vest, off-white casual shirt and shoes
Restrung necklace--a favorite of mine!

Sunday--It's All About Him

Sunday School and Church where I'll sing with the "Praise Team" this morning.
I realize my "look" doesn't change a lot.  I am wearing a three-strand pearl necklace that I think goes well with the pearlized buttons on my pinkish sweater.  Everything you see was purchased at a thrift store.

My "Uniform"

Somehow I never tire of black. When I took the "seasonal" color inventory years ago and discovered I was "winter",  I was confirmed in this preference.  At times I call this combination my "uniform".  Whether worn with denim or tan, I feel comfortable when I wear black.  I hope it's not TOO dreary for others.

Another Black Skirt

I can't get enough of them!  I found this one - a corduroy - in a thrift store in Gridley, IL.  (This happens to be the town in which I attended elementary school!)  I tried it on this morning and can see from the photo that I need to wear different shoes when leaving the house.

Thrifting in the Belt-Way

My out-of-the-state thrifting excursions Monday and Tuesday netted these four belts. Three at a dime each; one for $.35. I look forward to incorporating them into my wardrobe. I've been looking for a way to introduce some pink into my outfits, and this seems like a good starting point!

Sunday Go-To-Meeting Clothes

Sunday School and Church, out to dinner with siblings, evening Home Connections (small group at church)

Thrifted, vintage blue jacket
Thrifted black patent leather belt
Thrifted skirt
Thrifted shoes
Thrifted gold beaded necklace & gold earrings

Here It Is Again!

Dinner and visit with my three siblings and our spouses, father and mother
That good old orange wool jacket ($2.00 thrifted)
Thrifted slacks and shirt ($.32 total)
Thrifted shoes
Thrifted earrings

Friday Fancies

Errands, Walk, Johnny Appleseed Festival
Newly thirfted orange wool jacket
Thrifted skirt, blouse, belt and shoes
Turquoise earrings
Thifted purses - $1 & $.75 respectively

Is THIS More Mature?

Day of study, Auburn with husband, Ladies' Bible study in the evening
Thrifted everything - shirt, skirt, shoes, belt
Necklace & Earrings initial "R", rhinestones, purchased

Yesterday, someone commented on my appearance saying, "You look like a teenager!"  I wasn't GOING for that.  Is this more mature?

Today's Outfit Gets a Workout!

Morning walk, taking friends out to lunch/dinner to celebrate their 50th, coffee with friend in the evening....
Thrifted slacks ($.16)
Shoes & shirt, thrifted and from closet
Newly thrifted belt ($.16)

Look and Learn

thirfted jeans
thrifted grey shirt
silver earrings & necklaces
I'm thinking I should roll these jean cuffs down for a longer-leg look.  I guess that's the value of photographing one's outfits.
Yes, I think so....

Casual Monday

Monday morning. It looks like another day of pleasant weather. Household chores, progress in closet organization, and an evening surprise lie ahead.

Thrifted denim vest
Thrifted white shirt
Gifted capris
Thrifted belt

My Thirty-Two Cents Worth

Sunday School and Worship this morning.  Out to eat for dinner?

" give them a beautiful headdress instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit...that  HE may be glorified..."
(Isaiah 61:3)

That's right!  Bought at this past week's bag sale ($5/bag), the blouse and skirt were each $.16.  I paired this outfit with brown shoes (also thrifted, like new) and a gold necklace with gold earrings.  I carried a brown purse, also thrifted.

Act our Age?

Recently, I came across these statements about mature style...
Clothing is means of portraying yourself in the world and the biggest mistake you can make is miscommunicating who you are or simply not doing yourself justice. 

There is something about looking more elegant and poised in the autumn of your life; relegating those cheap, whimsical purchases to the past and going for a more mature, polished look.

I found this entire article interesting and helpful.  To the first paragraph, I offer my additional thought:  Clothing ALSO portrays the priority in my life – Jesus Christ and my eternal relationship with Him.  It would be a “big mistake” to miscommunicate HIM!  To fail to do HIM justice would be wrong.

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace…in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.  To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever.  Amen.” (I Peter 4:10-11)

Gifts and Thrifts

Ready for a walk, gardening task (deadheading black-eyed Susans), and Saturday surprises....
Gifted red capris
Thrifted top with tiny red roses
Resized belt from my closet
(See Scene in our Garden for the latest post.)

Blue Is My Fourth Neutral

Morning walk, chores around house, "candle party" at a friend's home this evening.  
Thrifted skirt
Thrifted white blouse
Thrifted denim vest
Thrifted white belt
I bought the skirt a while ago thinking it was fabric - the kind old draperies were made from.  I liked the color and pattern. When I got it home I discovered it was a home-made skirt, complete with metal zipper!  It was a little small for me, but I am now able to wear it.  I like this combination!
(Black, brown, white, and blue  are my neutral colors.)

I Hit the Mother Lode...

...of thrift, that is. Our local St. Vincent De Paul store had a bag sale this afternoon. That means all the clothes you can stuff in a bag for $5. With 31 items in it, I paid around $.16 per item. I will be modeling and showing many of them in the coming days. I actually started filling space with several good pairs of tights for granddaughters and 2 little boy's clip on ties (just in case).

Among the remaining pieces are are skirts (4 of them), a pair of black slacks, several tops, a beautiful black sweater, a pullover vest, and a long button down jean dress/jacket that I think I can put to good use layering. I had hoped to find a belt or two - but not this time! of several tops/shirts - $.16

Vintage Dress-- Abby Kent, New York

Thrifted vintage dress
Navy blue, Abby Kent, New York
The details on this dress are amazing. The cap sleeves have a cut away dart in them; the original buttons and belt and pockets give it style. The dress is well sewn and the fabric soft. I recently replaced a hook (eye still there) at the waistline. I wore it on a hot Sunday morning a few weeks ago and will wear it again with a jacket in cooler weather.

All Thrift

Morning walk, study, afternoon thrifting and early dinner with husband, evening Bible study
Garage sale long-sleeved black shirt
Thrifted black denim vest
Thrifted belt
Thrifted paisley skirt
Thrifted black sandals

All items were in my closet. I'd never worn them together before. All totaled: No more than than $5.00. When I added the vest, it all came together! A good first blog day!