one more mirror

 I'm really happy with how this panel we purchased long ago for $1
turned into a full-length mirror. 
It's middle part was removed and replaced with the mirror.
It will serve as a unique top for a sofa table, I think.
Meanwhile, I enjoy the architectural impact
this wood piece has made on our stair landing,
thanks to the creative work of my husband!

making do

Dear oh me!  These curtains have been hanging FAR too long.
The color scheme in our living room no longer goes with the rose color in them.
Budget constraints prohibit new curtains in the immediate future,
but as I looked at them in the dark, morning hours 
I had a brainstorm!
I removed them from the rod,
eliminated some cobwebs,
and to the washing machine went the curtains.
Once washed and dried, we rehung them THIS way...
Yep!  Inside out. 
The colors look a bit more faded.  The red/rose colors aren't as prominent.
 I'm going to try hanging them straight up and down yet.
That may make it even better!

Use it up;
Wear it out.
Make it do
or do without! 

"i love it so"

I moved into this darling 500 square ft house in January 2012. The bones were perfect for my cottage style. The most important thing I want to show is that I believe the only new thing you will see is the sofa, my sunglasses, and some dishes. Everything else is old. I don't care that much for new. I love it so, enjoy. (Scarlett Fiona Reed, here)
 I don't care that much for new either!  
....don't judge you if you do,
but it's how I "roll"...

significant results

After painting the base, My Guy attached it to the top.
A final waxing over the stain resulted in a great looking board.
It just fit the space it was meant for!
I put pottery pieces on (and below) it....
but looking at the photo helps me see that there are too many "smalls".
I shall work at arranging this to be less cluttered.
I learn much from My Guy who accomplishes so much.
I watch him patiently fill his spare minutes and hours 
with chores and tasks (small and large)
 that add up to Significant Results.
 Above:  Improvement
Below:  A different mirror was the perfect finishing touch.