repairer of the breach will be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of the Streets of Dwelling. Isaiah 58:12
He spent Saturday afternoon
at the tasks.
This physical skill is frequently
mirrored in his quiet
people skills as well.
I am thankful.

time to downsize

It is time to downsize...
so I listed my small collection
of vintage clocks
on a Facebook garagesale site.
They sold in "no time"!

Always Beauty

 Always changing--the scene at our local Extension Gardens...
but always beautiful.
 Beauty is sometimes in the close-ups;
 sometimes in the overview...
 but there is ALWAYS beauty.


My man painted the frame
and fashioned a simple top
to create a sweet side table.
Apparently someone else thought so, too.
It sold within minutes on a Facebook site.
Pending pickup tomorrow!

throw aways

Sadly, missing 4 pieces.
Imperfect, but beautiful.
(Not unlike our country...Not unlike ME!)
I'm reluctant to throw it away.
I enjoy finding unique jigsaw puzzles like this one at thrift stores.
For a quarter of a dollar or so, I've purchased many hours of relaxation.
To be honest, my husband puts in the most hours,
but there is something soothing to me about having a puzzle in process.
When we finish them, we pass them along to friends who pass along theirs to us
or return them to the thrift store.
If pieces are missing, we sometimes discard them.
This one is VERY hard for me to throw away...

my blue valentine

We stopped first at a thrift store
several miles from home.
There I purchased this
Fabulous Piece of Pottery.
For $2.00!
After a steak dinner purchased with
a gift card, we headed to
Barnes and Noble where I sat across the table from this man...
The magazines I thumbed through
confirmed the desirability of my
pottery purchase!

Afterward we returned home
to enjoy a soup & salad supper
and table games with some of my siblings.
A near-perfect day!

the hanging

This large floral picture has
been with us forever!  
I took it off the living room wall
some time ago to accommodate
a tall piece of furniture.
Yesterday my husband hung it here--
tricky because of its size,
the height of the chair backs,
and wanting it to be staggered from the level of the shelf above the window.
He succeeded.
I'm happy...


I don't frequent thrift stores
nearly as often as I used to...
but when I do, I always check out
shoes.   When I find black flats
in good condition, I buy them.
They are staples in my wardrobe
along with black tops.
Most recently, I was thrilled to find
these Vera Wangs for $3.00!

going on 71

 Almost 31 days into my 71st year...
feeling a bit wild and free.
Free to sit and do nothing
or anything else that I choose.
It's a great time of life
(if a bit daunting).
I've given up haircuts for awhile,
wondering how long it will grow
before I give in.
This experiment is symbolic
of something else, I believe.
I just haven't figured out what yet.
At any rate, I've saved the money 
of haircuts.
Maybe that's enough.

stocking up

 Some people run to stock up 
on milk and bread and toilet paper
before a predicted snow.
Not me!
I headed to my favorite thrift store where I couldn't resist this book
or the beautiful, warm black sweater.
 By late afternoon, this was the scene
out our back door as snow continued
to fall...

best buy of 2019 (so far)

 When he lost his winter coat
right before spending a few days
with us during Christmas break,
I crossed my fingers and we
headed out to the Bargain Box.
My very favorite thrift shop.
Not only did we find a GREAT winter coat in his size that he liked,
we found a lighter weight jacket
that he wore day and night!
All for under $5!