a busy day

He worked....it paid off!
Our $25 purchase now stands handsomely
in our living room 
holding our TV!
It replaced a much lower and longer buffet that served the purpose for years..
I emptied much of its contents into 
this white cupboard
in our kitchen.
It was a busy day!
We don't do this nearly as often as we used to!

A paintover

 I asked a friend if she could paint over
a canvas board painting
I'd purchased at a thrift store.
She said, "Yes."
I sent her a link to an abstract painting
I liked; she copied it off to work from;
and I'm now the pleased owner
of a Nancy Leimer original!


I am hoping what was said 
of Teresa of Avila
might one day be true of me...
I have let my hair grow
(maybe for the last time in my life)
to the point I can wear it
pulled back off my face.
My "jury" is still out on this style,
but I haven't given up yet.

on and off the beaten path in Bardstown

Walking is ALWAYS an economical
way to see the world!

i took the time

I took the time...
(Probably don't need to say
I did it myself.)
I haven't posted here for awhile -- but I have posted with more frequency on my other blogs...
I am considering combining several
Just too lazy to figure out when and how and which ones.
What have YOU been up to?

listening pleasure

My recreational foray to my favorite thrift store this morning
yielded me several vinyl albums.
I was particularly thrilled to find several of ones
I had in my collection in the late 60's.
I can't wait to listen to them.
At 50 cents a pop, I'm set for hours of listening pleasure.

easy alteration

Recently, I told my coffee friends about my failure to find a navy and white striped top,
I was rewarded with this shirt, found by one of the friends at an estate sale!
Unfortunately, it was a size too large.
I had to roll up the sleeves, and it stretched down to cover my hips.
And it had a turtleneck collar.
I wore it once.  It has since lain - forlorn and unworn. -
draped over the back of a chair...
awaiting its fate.
This morning, I took pinking shears to it!
I'm very pleased with this quick and easy alteration.
It's certain to get many wears in the future.

recreational thrifting

 It's been a long time since I've had such good luck at a thrift store!
 Yesterday, squeezed in between reading sessions (see more HERE)
  my husband and I stopped in to a thrift store that is TRULY a thrift store.
 $8.25 bought us a beautiful pillow, a jigsaw puzzle, four tops and a skirt and a jacket for me, and a     pair  of jeans for him!
A recent purge of several pieces of clothing I no longer wear
left space in my drawers and closet. 
I am thrilled to have these "new" items that will perk up my spring/summer wardrobe.
And the pillow!!!!  A real beauty.

things turquoise

 Some time ago, we spray painted our chandelier a metallic blue color.
It really wasn't quite the color I'd thought it would be,
but I did nothing about changing it.
 Then I found these shades on the internet
 and things began to come together!
I hung a vintage curtain panel that had been folded up on a shelf
and things turquoise began to come out of the woodwork!
and who knows WHAT next?

passing the hour

 As you probably have observed,
I never tire of getting away to Barnes and Noble!
 I select a stack of magazines
(as does my partner),
 we find a table,
 and contentedly (and carefully) turn the pages...
 dreaming and gathering as we pass the hour.
(THIS time, as I passed through the store,
it seemed to me there were more aisles of toys.
I wonder if this is coincidence or somehow related
to the recent closing of Toys-R-Us.)

which came first...

Our mantel has been slightly altered for the season...
and eggs.
(The few that survived the decluttering frenzy of February!)

goodbye VB

Within a few hours of posting these four Vera Bradley bags
on a Facebook page,
they were spoken for!
Four more items bite the dust!

much better

This piece of furniture is now about 4" shorter
since my husband cut it down.  
It had been an awkward height for the places I have tried to use it.
Now polished and restocked,
it sits in front of my recliner (that's my husband's black recliner in the background).
I employed a pair of idle brass shell bookeneds
to hold a few of the smaller books on top of the stand.
MUCH better!