here today, gone tomorrow


Inspired by 
Kindred of the Quiet Way...

doing for others...

Special updating
for a Special Friend

a bench i am

Got legs?
They were on a table discarded

He worked with some boards
salvaged from an old waterbed headboard...
attached  the legs,
painted them
and stained the top.
I think I have the perfect place 
for it!


a photo ode

 A photo ode
to the most patient,
constant man
I know.

Recently, I was gifted with this
beautiful mug by an
acquaintance who knew
how much I love pottery.
It is too large for my
coffee drinking, so...

I want to invite you 
to my main blog
In this season of life, 
I find myself spending
most of my blogtime there.
Hope to see you there
from time to time.


I took a bunch of our toys and children's books to our Christmas family gathering last week.  Anything left over went to a thrift store!  Lots of great nieces and nephews got "new" toys.  A win-win situation!

Moms going through the books... 

almost finished

 I saw something similar in a magazine while browsing at Barnes and Noble the other day.  My husband went to work building one for me out of scrap wood.
This morning, my father put the first coat of paint on it.  While it dries, I am considering the options.  I'll likely opt for a light distressing and a final waxed finish.  I already have ideas of what to place atop this sweet pedestal...


The sun rose behind us as we made our way toward Chicago early last Sunday.
 A low cloud intercepted the skyline
making for an interesting photo...
We entered the Taft High School where this sign greeted us.
Our son-in-law pastors the church which moved into this new location.
Here, the principal welcomes the congregation.
The school building is projected on the screen behind them.
The movie Grease was filmed here!
The empty auditorium before the action.
It soon held an encouraging number of folk from the old location
a well as several newcomers from the neighborhood.
It was a morning well-spent,
and this was the scene as we headed back south toward downtown,
enjoying the magnificent buildings as we went.
This one, a little north of the city, was particularly
intriguing to me.
I DO love the city.
Quite a contrast to the Pony Parade the day before!

That pony parade I mentioned....

There are a lot more photos
on my other blog.
It was a perfect day for it!

still here

 Yes, I am--
 still here... 
older AND stiller.
 Still loving wooden objects
but listing (and selling) these old croquet balls.
 These golden, stackable tables came to me from my parents' home
three years ago.  I still haven't used them.
So they are listed for sale now...
I will miss them.  But not really.
A gentleman will pick these five miniature plates up
this afternoon while we are attending the pony parade.
(Maybe I'll post photos of the parade here or on
my other blog which is updated more frequently these days...)
This is what I'll wear to the pony parade--
thrifted pink top and an even older thrifted black skirt.
(I don't visit thrift stores as much as I used to,
but I still wear thrifted clothes!)

Yes!  I'm still here!