...the unexpected beauty of imperfection and simplicity.

celeste tweets truth

"Spiritual maturity is accompanied by shedding.Possessions count less and weigh more. To cling to the Lord alone and to love Him more purely forces the collateral from our lives and leads us to an aching gratitude,where we learn to view the love we give as our greatest asset."

(Celeste, on Twitter)

we do it our way


I guess this is in reverse...
finished product above;
cleanup below.

The tools, above;
the "chair" below.
A penny saved is a penny earned!

old things, new eyes

With the return of Moon to Moon, I'm looking with fresh eyes at my own living room... 
realizing how much of me there is here, and how much I enjoy sitting across from these familiar
objects on a daily basis.




"Now gather the leftovers, so that nothing is wasted.”
Jesus, John 6:12

I just may be the Queen of Leftovers!

here today, gone tomorrow


Inspired by 
Kindred of the Quiet Way...

doing for others...

Special updating
for a Special Friend

a bench i am

Got legs?
They were on a table discarded

He worked with some boards
salvaged from an old waterbed headboard...
attached  the legs,
painted them
and stained the top.
I think I have the perfect place 
for it!


a photo ode

 A photo ode
to the most patient,
constant man
I know.

Recently, I was gifted with this
beautiful mug by an
acquaintance who knew
how much I love pottery.
It is too large for my
coffee drinking, so...

I want to invite you 
to my main blog
In this season of life, 
I find myself spending
most of my blogtime there.
Hope to see you there
from time to time.


I took a bunch of our toys and children's books to our Christmas family gathering last week.  Anything left over went to a thrift store!  Lots of great nieces and nephews got "new" toys.  A win-win situation!

Moms going through the books...