Absence DOES
 make the heart grow

I had a minute to stop in to my favorite thrift store yesterday.
My visits have been few and far between lately, and even those have ended up unproductive.
Not so THIS time!
25 cents + 25 cents + 1 dollar = $1.50
spent at my favorite thrift store yesterday.

barnes & noble

These two double page photos from two different magazines
SO reflect my taste in home style...
a corner table
stack of magazines
fine-tipped, four color pen
rainy afternoon
corner table
rainy afternoon
endless inspiration & no-cost pleasure
I had a sip or two of my husband's iced drink
and lost myself in a stack of deorating magazines.
It had been so long since we'd been there that I had a lot of catching up to do!

he's found his niche!

 He's definitely on a roll!
  Creating all of these tables from scraps of wood
and pieces of discarded furniture,
my husband has found a niche!
All three sold within hours of being listed on a few local
facebook garage sale pages!
He's already begun fashioning a fourth!

a project and a painting

My husband is constructing a sofa table out of 
miscellaneous boards & orphaned table legs he's been storing in the shed.
We'll probably paint it - maybe stain the top.
I'm pretty excited to see the end product.
Then there's this.  A large painting on stretched canvas frame.
I've had it for quite awhile and just realized yesterday that it would fit
into a frame I've had for a long time.
I like everything about it--but especially the colors.
I'd love to have an entire room papered in these colors; this design!
At some point, I may post both of these items  for sale
on a couple of local facebook sites--
but first I plan to enjoy them a bit myself.

for profit

 While taking in a couple of garage sales last weekend, 
  I found these two gems--fine enough to keep myself,
  but with a hunch I could re-sell them rather quickly.
I was correct!
The satisfactory profit helps with a few upcoming graduation 
and bridal shower gifts.
 (I especially like the picture.  Isn't it sweet?)

confused. very confused

Wearing its first coat of paint already....

  I really WAS going to get back on the wagon* this week.
Then, I read "Let's Celebrate the Art of Clutter".
Now I'm confused.  Very confused.
 Consider this quote:

In accumulating, we honor the art of the potter, sitting at a wheel;
we appreciate the art of the writer, sitting at a desk; 
we cherish the art of the painter, standing in front of an easel. 
From "Let's Celebrate the Art of Clutter" 

Pottery, books and paintings definitely occupy a large part of my "clutter".
Who am I to not honor, appreciate and cherish the art that surrounds me?
If the topic of downsizing, decluttering and simplifying interests you,
you may enjoy the read AND join me in my confusion.
I'll be interested to hear what YOU think about Dominique Browning's musings.

*See my prior two posts for enlightenment about the "wagon".