These beautiful succulents sitting on the window sill beside our table
 in a downtown Lancaster PA restaurant last week
 reminded me of how much I enjoy plants
 and missed those back home!
I have only a few -
and the ones I DO have require very little attention.
Still I would miss them if they weren't there...

dress shopping

 It's been a long time since I've shopped for clothes.
I needed a loose-fitting, long cool dress(es) to wear
at a conference we'll be attending.
I have NO luck in stores and shops.
So I turned to the internet where I encountered sticker shock!
Before I took the plunge, I ran up the road to a thrift store.
To my pleasant surprise, I found two dresses that will work just fine,
thank you!
$1.50 each.
Now to dig through my lingerie drawer to find a  suitable slip for the see-through dress above.