the bottom of the bin

The doll house served a unique function yesterday.
I had used it as a bribe to encourage practice on the part of my piano student.
The bribe was successful, and
she spent a full hour redecorating the entire house.
 I have SO many miscellaneous pieces.  I collect them anywhere I find them.
Few are in proper scale.  It makes it more fun somehow.
I think I could spend hours at the Toy Bin at My Favorite Thrift Store!
That's where I find my BEST treasures--
at the very bottom of the bin.

eclectic by choice

 Recently, "someone" had a vintage plate organizer on her "wish list".
 I can't remember who.
 I have found two identical ones (pink) at My Favorite Thrift Store 
 and use them side-by-side in my cupboard.
They are NIFTY!
 I splurged yesterday and got some new scouring pads.
This is my favorite kind.
I use them WAY past their usefulness.
Don't ask me why.
 My blue and white hot pads hang next to my stove and simple paper towel holder.
Pads and holder were thrifted items (I've had them forever)
as were the canisters that sit below them.
 Yesterday I added some kitchen pictures to Pinterest.
Mine is due for some serious attention.
My style is eclectic by choice.
Do you know how hard it is 
to FIND pictures of imperfect kitchens!

i can't get over it

 I just had to "play" a bit more (see last post).
Two napkin ring possibilities...
Wooden and clunky or Mexican-made pottery?
 (By the way, I bought these black slacks for $1
on the same shopping trip in which I purchased the placemats.)
 How about this blue primitive-style heart pocket stuffed with a blue doily?
 Add blue glasses...
 Maybe the heart would be better hung in the bedspring wreath?
 This could work!  
My fascination with blue and white 
and thrifted treasures continues!
I can't get over it.

recent acquistions

Remember my love of blue?
Imagine my pleasure to find eight of these placemats!
 Reversible, even!
Some still had the stickers on them
Cost when figured in with other purchases
at my Favorite Thrift Store was only pennies.
 I'll have fun working with my blue and white and plain white dishes--
though I'm not sure I'll ever be posting whole table settings
as some of you do so beautifully.

the comeback kid

"The old-fashioned typewriter is making a comeback."
 Google it if you don't believe it!
 Anyhow, this DEFINITELY was the heaviest item I purchased while out thrifting yesterday.
Of metal construction, we believe this one was made in the late 60's.  
The case snaps on to the machine itself--making a convenient (albeit heavy) package
to carry from place to place.
While "trolling" blogs yesterday afternoon,
the very first two I discovered featured vintage typewriters
sitting decoratively on simple wooden tables.
See THIS ONE, for example!  It's WONDERFUL.
(I think I'll have to create a new Pinterest category!)
By the way, do you "troll",
and do you own/display a vintage, manual typewriter in your home?

I also "found" these two items...
I couldn't just LEAVE them there!

navy blue - a comeback?

 I saw a post about navy blue on Vintage Sassy today.
 Interestingly, I had my album of wedding pictures out.
We'd been asked to take our wedding pictures to a dinner party recently.
  So....I was thinking about navy blue!
 Even though our wedding was in June (1971),
I'd incorporated navy blue AND long sleeves(?)--
selecting that color for the bridesmaids' dresses.
It still IS one of my favorite shades of blue.

some things never change

I believe I COULD look a little 
happier about it, though....

I guess my (relatively) new
chalkboard changes now and then
as do the needle-worked throw pillows on my vintage chair.

better than a card?

 I don't like to visit a sick or hospitalized friend without taking SOMEthing.
For this special friend, I took a hammered-tin angel 
(thrifted Christmas tree ornament)
and typed out a verse that I hope is reassuring.
I glued the verse to an attractive background,
cut around the edges,
and tucked it under the angel "wings".  
Nothing fancy.  Just "me".
I think it's at least as good as....and maybe better than a card.
I sure HOPE so!

just a wannabe

 After washing and ironing this one, it will be passed along to our oldest granddaughter.
Don't know why, but I always check for aprons
at My Favorite Thrift Store.  
They're there with the cloth napkins, linen towels, doilies, etc.
Found this one on my most recent excursion.
 I guess it's clear that I have a "thing" for aprons
 though I have no idea WHY!
 I'm certainly no professional domestic engineer type...
 just a wannabe.

what's up?

 UP on top of an antique wardrobe...
 closer UP
 UP on top of a double bookcase
and UP on a single one on the other side of the window.
EVERYTHING was a thrift store or garage sale find
(including the dollhouses)
and now at home in our library/music room.