in with the old

 Seemed like the right time to figure out
 where I'd stored the early autumn decorations.
 Having found them,
 I was pleased with the ones I'd chosen to keep last year at the end of the season.
"In with the old," is my motto this year.
All but the white one with a lid (which I made in a ceramics store)
were thrift store finds.
I doubt that ANY of them are in the same place this year as last...
I'm enjoying the small change of scenery.

this & a salted caramel mocha latte

 If you guessed Barnes and Noble,
 you're right!
 As usual, it was a relaxing afternoon.
 I went alone this time 
leaving my hubby to watch football.
 I came home with a head-full of ideas
 and a list -
 hastily scratched out on the only paper I could find
since I'd left my little notebook at home.
That's how I roll!


I couldn't wait for the second coat of paint
to show your our current project!
The pedestal had sat in our garage for a LONG time.
(Found curbside, as I recall.)
Last week as we drove to a house walk in West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne,
I noticed a round table top sitting at someone's trash can.
I told my husband to back up and check it out.
It fits.
And the paint is a quart of blue we'd picked out for the cupboard 
we just completed.  
We thought of using this color, but at the last minute 
I changed my mind.
I DO think it's perfect on this table,
don't you?
By the way, there were also 4 legs sitting by the round top.
I already have a plan for them!

better than i expected

 I'm glad we chose to paint this old cupboard white!
 It fits our space beautifully
 and fulfills an important storage function in the dining area of our kitchen.
SO happy we lugged this cabinet home from a garage sale!

just imagine

Well, now that you've seen how we restored the (free) vintage stereo,
just IMAGINE how this cabinet will look restored!
Seen here lying on its back, it stands up beautifully 
and has several shelves to its credit.
I can't wait to show you how it looks when my husband is finished with it.
(It was discovered in the very back of a garage of a house uninhabited for nine years
as friends conducted a garage sale before auctioning the house.)