Water Under the Bridge

So much "water under the bridge" that I didn't realize I'd worn this top in the last photo I posted!  Oh, well...Today I'm pairing it with capri pants.  Seems the right thing to do to welcome the 70 degree temperatures that are predicted for today.

After purchasing this denim belt for a quarter a week or so ago, I realized that it doesn't have the "catchy thing" for the end of the belt...SOOOOOOO I'm wearing this fancy brooch to fasten the belt tip!

Speaking of water under the bridge...except for photographs, these painted stones are the only tangible evidence I've discovered so far to document the wonderful experience of entertaining two of our grandchildren for the last several days.  Memories of their imaginative and creative play will bring me pleasure long into the future!


This is what I wore Friday when we went to pick up two of our grandchildren.
Grandparenting is what I'll be doing  for several days.  I may not be back until Tuesday!
Here's one of them.

What I'm Wearing Today...

Black cord skirt,
Gray button-down knit top,
Sparkly stretch belt,
Gold beads,
Burgundy tights.

All thrifted  and suitable wear to return videos to Victory Noll Center this afternoon and an evening meal with the local Business Association.

Here are a few of the ceramic Easter eggs I've found in thrift stores throughout the years.  I'm looking for the rest of them and then will let our granddaughter who is coming to visit us help me create a proper display. 


I wonder if I'll ever be described as a "great event"????
(See beautiful Malcah in the side bar and read more of her remarkable life and art at Advanced Style.)  
I DO have the necklace. 
Now if I can just get the smile and the makeup right....

I always look so glum!

Tuesday - Taxes and Toenails

Musical ensemble practice, a visit with a "shut-in" friend, completing our taxes, and completing a couple of loads of wash.  This is what I plan to do while wearing my freshly washed bluejeans, a feminine top, a brooch strung on a gold chain necklace, and open-toed shoes to show off my newly-polished toenails!



Need some spring cleaning/closet organization motivation? I've found it! Maybe I'll be posting pictures of my own soon. But in the meantime, I'm suggesting you go see THIS one. I think Shelley has done a FANTASTIC job of organizing, decorating, and photographing hers!  THIS picture is NOT Shelley's closet, by the way!

After our taxes are done (one of this week's projects) and sun-porch cleaned off in preparation for our little granddaughter's visit later this week, I just MAY tackle the closet.  It is definitely time for a little closet therapy at my house!

Meanwhile, do you have any closet tricks to share?

Sunday Already!

The dress - a sleeveless dress given to me by a friend last summer
The jacket - thrifted, black velvet

I've belted the dress & am wearing silver drop earrings.  Hope I stay warm enough today.

The temperature has dropped considerably.  I'll be teaching a women's Sunday School class, resting a bit, then preparing our home for company tonight.  We'll celebrate a friend's birthday.

This and That

Word of an undiscovered Thrift Store has come to me!  I'm hoping we can squeeze the time out of our Saturday to check it out!  If we do, I'm sure I'll be blogging about it here soon.

Wearing a stretchy fit hot pink top with my trusty gray skirt.  It looked a little bare, so I added the scarf.  I'm not sure how long I'll leave it on...

My schedule today includes a little of this and that.

I Can't Believe I Did It!

After you hear what I've done, I may lose all my blogging friends!  This was a one-piece Land's End turtleneck dress with an elastic waistband.  Thrifted, of course.  I could see that it was not going to get a second wear in its existing state.

So today while listening to the Webinar I have been "attending" all week, I took a scissors to it!  I cut it just above the elastic waistband, leaving myself an instant skirt.  I evened off the bottom of the top and trimmed off the turtleneck collar - and voila!  A casual two-piece outfit!

I wore it the rest of the day with brown tights, a dark amber necklace (strung double) and several amber-colored bangle bracelets. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Pretty daring for an old lady, huh?  Have YOU ever done anything so odd as this?

Sunny Third Thursday of March

The value of a photo:  I can see I need textured (or at least colored) tights....and though the necklace appeared OK in the mirror, it doesn't really look right with the entire outfit.   Up the steps I go to see how I can salvage this.  If I have time,  I'll take another picture.

I AM satisfied wearing the brown suede shirt with denim collar as a jacket, belted by the multicolored belt.  The brown leather on the tips of the belt called for the brown shoes I'm wearing.

All items visible to the eye are thrifted.

See what I mean about the necklace?  It's not so bad with the belt, but not right with the denim collar...

The Wearing of the Green

Could it be that I have only ONE piece of green clothing to wear today?!  I tried to compensate for it by sitting on a green porch chair beside a green welcome mat at our front door.

This will have to do!  Black corduroy skirt worn not so long ago with this same green and white striped T-shirt.  This time, I've added my trusty black denim vest, a black belt with large buckle, and a black bead necklace.

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten ~ Irish Blessings

"What a Rare Mood I'm In...."

I can tell!  It's going to be a beautiful day!  I have ensemble practice this morning for Easter music at our church.  This afternoon we'll be taking a couple of friends out to eat at a Chinese buffet.

I decided to wear my denim capris with the long-sleeved tan top, a stretch belt with brown leather and bronze buckle, and a necklace composed of red, gold, amber, and ivory colored beads.

It makes me happy that all items were thrifted at one time or another.  The total (including shoes) would not have been more than $6.

In between activities, I hope to take in a few sessions of the "Webinar" I'm attending this week....


I'm attending my first "Webinar"!  What an incredible experience.  The nice thing about it is I don't have to leave home.  So I'm dressed like this - nothing fancy.  I'm taking a short break to visit a friend who recently had back surgery.  I baked muffins earlier this morning and another friend is bringing soup...Then I'll be back at the Webinar.

Thrifted denim skirt,  mustard colored thrifted belt, thrifted baby blue T-shirt.

Saving Daylight

It's still dark outside!  I'm an early morning person, so I'm not so excited about "springing forward" last night.  I've turned up all the inside lights to try to get a picture of my outfit.  Above, I'm trying to show my rhinestone necklace and brooch.  Below is a blurry photo of the whole outfit.  Everything is thrifted.
Yesterday's treasure?  This huge floral oil painting!  One of the two thrift stores I frequent most often opened its basement to the public this week.  Boxes upon boxes were piled high!.  I didn't have time to dig as I wanted. It's probably better that way.  I was thrilled to bring this painting home.

"Slim Pickings"

Pickings were slim at the thrift store yesterday (or putting it more accurately, I don't "need" anything)!  I purchased this mustard-colored belt for a quarter, however.  I have just about given up finding the perfect mustard-colored T.  Maybe now that I've given up, I'll find it.
I'm wearing the belt today with white blouse and black skirt.  I've also chosen to wear this bracelet that I made in either junior high or high school art class!  (That makes it "vintage",  I believe! ) The earrings have a little of the yellow color and are in the form of clocks - good reminders to turn clocks forward tonight.

Showing My Stripes

Today I'm wearing my black corduroy skirt with a cheerful green and white striped T.

I'll be volunteering at a nearby thrift store this afternoon - helping the cashier bag clothing, etc.  I wonder what I'll find for myself?!

A double strand of pearls fills in the neckline.

Yesterday someone noted that I didn't post my entire outfit. Well, if you look closely, you can see me walking the labyrinth in my long denim skirt,white blouse, and brooch-laden black denim vest!  You can read more about this experience on some of my other blogs.
One the way home from our three hour retreat, we stopped at a thrift store.  This plate was all I found.  I have a stack of blue and white patterned plates sitting on my kitchen counter.  I use them everyday.  I buy them when I see them.

Brooches Rock!

 Tuesday at our No-Longer-Red-Hats luncheon, we had a jewelry exchange.  I came home with matching brooches. They are large and colorful.  Today I'm wearing them on my black denim vest...which I'm wearing with a long denim skirt, white blouse and black belt!   I think these brooches ROCK!

brooch  (brch, brch) also broach (brch) n.

A relatively large decorative pin or clasp.


Thanks, Sharon  (of My Style - Thrifting, Fashion and Me). I needed that!  The past TWO mornings, schools in our area have been delayed because of fog.  This morning, rain is falling.  BUT the temperature is quite mild.  Soon...
sunshine! I generally consider my blogs to be "award-free sites", but I'm making an exception today.

Casual white blouse
Black skirt
Black sparkly belt
Black jet necklace

...and in honor of Sharon, some Fashion Bags of my own...both  thrifted at $1.00 days. The billfold was $.50.  I was desperately in need of a new one!
In my everyday bag (not shown here), besides billfold, brush, keys, lipstick and mascara, you'd find a set of tiny magnetic dogs (children's toy); small magnifying glass, magnet and tape measure for treasure hunting; one-too-many pens or other writing tools; my date book and a cloth handkerchief.  (I won't pretend that there probably is other stuff that I've forgotten hanging around the bottom of the bag as well.)

Pink and Leather

A full and varied schedule lies ahead today!  A musical ensemble practice followed by No-Longer-Red-Hats Lunch...then a "layover" at Borders until I meet three friends for a chat at Cracker Barrel at 5:00.

I'm wearing my newly thrifted suede skirt (I really like the flare and weight of this skirt!) with a pale pink buttoned sweater. A four-strand pink necklace and pearl earrings are my accessories.  I also got the like-new shoes at a thrift store last Saturday.  Their straps have a hint of silver sparkles!


It's a house-work day today.  But I didn't let that deter me from deciding to wear a piece of jewelry to brighten my outfit!

Inspired by Londyn at Blogfashion,  I added this necklace to the neckline of an otherwise bland waffle-knit Tee.

The fog has lifted; my sinuses seem to be clearing, and there is a TON of work to do today!  (There is also an animal  in our cold air return duct.  Eeeeeek!)

 How sweet are these two oil  paintings?  They measure 7"x17".  I found them last Saturday at a Kendallville IN Thrift Shop for $.25 each!


Navy vintage dress with animal print belt and scarf and brown shoes...

It is still cool outside, so I'll wear this brown blazer for warmth.

(All items were purchased in thrift stores.)

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that my routine is to take pictures BEFORE combing my hair and applying make-up (the little I wear)!  It's not until AFTER taking the picture that I know if I'm going to stick with the outfit or not.  Someday, I'll photograph the finished product and try to smile.


Perhaps the "crown" of my thrifting yesterday was this black leather skirt.  It was XS, but with the stretch in the waist it fits me like a glove!  Like the other skirts on the rack, it was $2!  This is the label.  I'll do a little more checking when I finish this post.

Fifty cents bought me this tiny Brother typewriter.  I need to find new ribbon for it.  The $5 model (I think it was a Remington) was no longer there.  I should have bought it when I saw it!
At another store, I purchased this Alexandra Stoddard book for fifty cents.  I already own a copy, but  I buy extras to give as gifts.  Her books are among my favorite lifestyle books.  She lives a simple and elegant life and writes in a charming and inspiring manner.