is this better?

 You shamed me into it!
 I folded up my three corduroy skirts (black, olive green and burgundy),
- and, yes - that's how I store them...
Well, not on top of my jewelry box, but folded and on shelves....
and donned a pair of blue jeans.
Same black Tee, though.
"Is THIS better?"
I STILL say I'm as comfortable in my skirts as blue jeans.
Thanks for your comments.
It was interesting to read them
and to try and figure out why I'm so "different".


Wearing a thrifted burgundy corduroy skirt
with a simple black long-sleeved Tee.
A black patent leather belt with gold buckle gives a sparkle
to an otherwise simple outfit.
This is typical of what I wear for "everyday".
Comfortable enough to "chore in";
attractive enough to run an unexpected errand
or meet a drop-in friend.
What is YOUR favorite type of "everyday" outfit?

it was a very good day

My husband had a meeting out of town.
I went with him and spent SOME of my time
in thrift stores.
It WAS a very good day.
(And there was even MORE!)
 It's warm, it's comfy, and it's white!
I'm loving it!

rescued, repaired & rearranged

 Rescued and repaired, the swan.
Red candles from years gone by, rearranged 
and placed on a silver platter.
Most everything in these photos was purchased at a thrift store!
This kitchen corner was rearranged when I placed my canisters
on the newly thrifted shelf.  I'm still figuring out what to put in the two rattan drawers.
 This evening I found some white ornaments to hang on the white tree
that sits in front of the window atop the gate-leg table found at a garage sale this summer...
 ,,,and on a shelf in the dining area of our kitchen,
this sweet nativity, a gift from a friend.

among my blessings...

 In addition to a wonderful afternoon and evening spent with family,
 I was gifted with these three paintings 
by a most talented and interesting friend, Bud Hitt.
 The one above was selected by my husband who has a small collection
 of paintings of barns in his office.
 These two were my choices. 
 Bud has a range of styles,  but these remind me of Will Moses' work.
 The Christmas one will hang in our Christmas cabin in the back yard.
 The other might find a place in our kitchen/dining area.  
 I'm feeling VERY blessed at the moment!

thanksgiving threads

 Wearing a brown, tweedy jacket with my black corduroy skirt
to our Thanksgiving gathering today.
I really like all the details of this (thrifted) jacket -
including covered buttons, tailored cuffs, 
and in back, a fine pleat and belt.

goodbye, chairs...

Four of these folding chairs were purchased at a 
too-good-to-pass-up-price a couple of months ago.
Today, I sold them over a local facebook garage sale,
delivering them to someone  I hope will love their shabby chic appearance
as much as I did..
I was sad to see them go, but I have others.
Too many, really...
 like two of these--also folding chairs.

don't judge me too harshly

 My husband had errands to run in town, 
 so I went along and we ended up at Barnes and Noble
 where I browsed through the latest magazines.
 I liked the chalkboard that you see above.  
 I'll do SOMEthing like that after I erase the turkey on my own...
 I photographed the small tree with the blue ornaments 
 because I needed a visual to arrange the blue bulbs
 that I currently have sitting in a wooden bowl--
 THIS one (above) I like 'cause of the books and the "Tip" to the right.
 (I think you can see why I like it.)
THIS photo is of the front of a building I passed on my short walk 
to the Post Office this morning. 
I don't have the equipment to photograph it at night.
(I sure wish I could.)
Please don't judge me too harshly for getting into the Christmas spirit so early.
This Thanksgiving Season HAS graced my life.
I am thankful for all the blessings I enjoy
and find my creative energy DOES thrive in the atmosphere of gratitude.

(Sometimes I feel like Mrs. Blandings whose style with words AND decor I adore)...
I can go on, do gush, and fail to force myself to slow the heck down on some occasions.  I can be what I'd like to define as "passionate,"
 but others may see as undone.

blame it on Susan

 Thanks to Susan (click on her name to see)
I went out to find the Thanksgiving basket.
 Though I thought all my Halloween decor was in one basket,
 it must have spilled over into THIS one.
(Except for Christmas, I have pared down my seasonal collections
 to fit into single baskets like this one.
It makes things much simpler.)
 I kind of forgot what I had but was really delighted to find this drawing
 right at the top of the goodies! 
 I need to find a white candle to place in the clear candle-holder....
...and a place for these additional "turkey" pieces.
(Preferably before tonight when we host a small group of friends
for a soup supper!)
I have to dash off soon to meet a friend for coffee
and then to the Amish farm where I have an order in for a pumpkin roll!
Susan!  Look what you've started.

Of course, if you know me at all, you know
that most of these items were thrift store purchases.


Emboldened by one of my favorite fashion persons, Sheila, I donned my fairly recently-thrifted black slacks (Talbots).  I'd bought them off the rack at a ridiculously low price.  Didn't try them on.  They are a bit short.  I contemplated doing SOMETHING to lengthen them, but after seeing Shela's, I just rolled up the bottoms and decided to wear them with confidence!

Mine aren't as swishy as hers; neither is my cotton  lacy blouse quite as fancy, but I tied them together with a black patent-leather belt and look forward to a busy day - starting at 9:00 when I meet a friend for coffee.

I got ANOTHER idea when I saw a flower pin she was wearing in one of her posts.
I'm going to dig in a craft drawer I have,
heat up my glue gun,
and show my creation here later...

more excitement

 If you thought I was excited when I wrote my previous post.....
imagine my pleasure in finding this little white Christmas tree
at Our Father's House in Warsaw, IN yesterday!
 This little floral print was just "frosting on the cake".

excited? you bet!

 Found at My Favorite Thrift Store.
This thing is HUGE--the picture doesn't show HOW huge.
 The homemade chalk paint absolutely TRANSFORMS the design
on this dresser!
 My man is a Wonder Worker!
My part?
Photographing the progress...
Lining the drawers with pretty wallpaper...
Admiring the beauty!

sunday's closet

 Hastily "shot".
 Pitifully edited.
 Happily worn.
 "Old" Pendleton jacket.
 "New" sleeveless - and SHORT (for me) -  dress.
 All from thrift stores at one time or another.
I WILL rework the scarf before stepping out the door to church,
but definitely will wear it....

transitioning between holidays

"Early Christmas gift advice: Friends don't give friends fruitcakes."
(Rick Warren, on Twitter)
I chuckled when I read this...
because only yesterday I purchased -  for a pittance - the fruitcake tin above.
I thought it Thanksgiving decor-worthy.
 This sheath of grain also caught my eye
and awaits placement while sitting on our kitchen table.
After selling the chalkboard I showed in my previous post so quickly, I took THIS one off our wall and placed it in front of the fireplace. This was my FIRST attempt at drawing a turkey.  I'm sure there will be others as I transition from one holiday to the next.