After a week of a malaise,
 I just MAY be on my way out of it!
 This morning,  I had desire and "spark" enough 
 to cut out two sides of fabric to cover this cushion
whose previous cover was ragged..
 Using the old one as my pattern,
 I simply stitched around the outside edges and called it "DONE"!
 This is the chair I sit on at the table to eat, play games, and converse.
 Without the cushion, the seat is hard.
 With it - PERFECT!

All is Calm; All is Bright

The book mentioned in my prior post was begun--
AND finished already.
Our Christmas season is quite simple this year.
A combination of choices and circumstances
has resulted in a most relaxing week thus far.
I'm thankful.

down time

 With my father and brother on their way to board a train 
for a Cousins' Reunion in Kansas,
 Gary and I spent some time doing a few of our favorite things--
 a thrift store stop (nothing for me; 3 shirts/sweaters for him)
and an hour or so at Barnes and Noble.
These four images from the magazines I chose were especially attractive to me.
(I guess you can tell I'm no minimalist!)
I'm thankful for a relaxing afternoon and a lull in activity this evening.
I'm looking forward to browsing some blogs and beginning a new book...

easy but messy

...but very messy.
(And quite delicious!)

'tis the season

'Tis the season
and winter scenes are our favorites right now!
 This Will Moses one caught my eye in a thrift store recently...
Since it cost only fifty cents, I shouldn't be so bummed that it was missing a piece,
I guess.

christmas homes tour

One of our Christmas "traditions" is taking in the annual Christmas Homes Tour
in an old, stately neighborhood in Fort Wayne.
Nine grand homes of previous generations are being (or have been) lovingly restored
and generously opened to an appreciative public
in all their Christmas splendor.
After dropping my cell phone several times early in the afternoon,
I gave up taking photos and just enjoyed the Walk.
Refreshments were served in this Carriage House
behind one of the homes on the tour. 
Large, expansive bathrooms with the most modern equipment
were obvious trends on this year's tour
(as was the color gray--in many shades and tones).
Even with many elegant and expensive furnishings and finishings on display,
simple things and scenes brought me the most pleasure.
I'm hoping my husband will make me a wooden star like the one in the window here...
 I'm a simple girl at heart, I guess.
I returned from the tour
to our own old house to see it with fresh eyes and appreciation--
and a few ideas to implement as well!