one more thing

 Just as our project was nearing completion,
we had one final brainstorm (and not a small one)..
Fortunately, our general contractor was able to fit it into his schedule.
We're removing the French doors and installing
a "regular" door.
Drywall will fill in the gap.
This will allow for a little extra wall space
to accommodate a small chest of drawers near one of the closets
in the newly formed bedroom..
It ALSO means extra wall space on THIS side --
the dining area of our kitchen.
It's a win-win decision
(except for a little more dust and a few more days of disruption).

going gray

We're making a bold (for us) move and going gray 
for our remodeled bathroom!
DARK gray.
There will be plenty of white trim.  
Hubby is applying the first coat this evening.
I'm going to like it!
 My Facebook critics weighed in:
"Sophisticated and calming...
Dramatic and classy."
I HOPE so!
My best half - after installing our new lights.....

anxious no more

In my last post I said I was "anxious" to get these chairs finished.
I'm anxious no more.
It took three coats of chalk paint.
Then we sanded and my husband applied clear wax and buffed them.
The old, velvet seats were reattached.
And I'm pleased.  VERY pleased.


downsizing, consolidating, organizing and decluttering.
(And those chairs from the previous post?
They've had two coats of chalk paint and he says they need one more.
I'm getting quite anxious here!)

almost. not quite.

Almost.  Not quite...
One more coat of (homemade) chalk paint, a coat of wax and a buffing...
Stay tuned.