the last of the vacation finds

With the recent addition of the top one, I now have TWO plaid tins!
One more and it will be a COLLECTION.
 This footstool is in pieces now so I can reupholster the top. 
For $1, I couldn't pass it up.
This chair sat forlornly on a curb--disassembled, but all there (except maybe a tray)!  I think it wants to be painted.  We'll see...

free and just-about-free

On the way to North Carolina, we found a curbside teeming with stuff.  A large cardboard box held zillions of plastic Easter eggs--mostly disassembled!  I missed quite a bit of scenery as I matched them up.  In addition to what you see here, there is one more bag.  I also rescued two plastic pails and two plastic plates with bunny motifs.
 There are more clothespins in this bag than it appears.
I believe I found them in Tennessee.
I may sort them and display them in jars.
We stopped in Cincinnati at a good-sized thrift store.  I bought the wooden bowl for $1.  We'd seen some "fancier" ones in North Carolina produced on a lathe out of various woods.  The tiniest one was priced at $20.  The largest, $200.  Bowls this size were between $45 and $90. 
The little stuffed kitty kat was found hiding among glass wares. 
I couldn't resist.  It will be a gift to my cat-loving friend.
This is a book I wrote 24 years ago.  I've never run across it in a thrift store before.
I bought it because I think I've only set two copies back.  I was pretty excited to find it in North Carolina.
(After my husband repairs the child's chair we found curbside
and I reupholster the $1 footstool, I'll feature those in a future post.)

slim pickings

While my husband golfed during our vacation week, I visited thrift stores.  
I'm not such an avid purchaser lately since our house is full and running over with "stuff".
However, I couldn't pass up this $.75 scarf.  
Here it is on an unmade hotel bed, wrapped around the library book* I hope to finish before we get home.
When I get home, I'll post a picture of the sweet little footstool I found.
*I'm posting several of the quotes that have jumped off its pages on  my other blogIt's a well-written book about life in Umbria.


We're checking out the beauty of God's creation for a few days.
I'll be back soon to check you all out!  
Yes...that's me in the corner with my thrifted black top and trusty gold belt.

works for me

OK.  I stole it from Angela.
She apparently got it from Maxine!
I tried it.
It worked for ME, too.
(I have NO idea why Angela's name above does not show up as a link,
but if you click on her name, you'll go to her blog.)
Do you have any additional "tips" for cleaning house?

Welcome, all you new fascinating followers!
I noticed you.  It's great to have you on board.

spring flinging

I'm not sure what has happened to my trusty cell phone camera - but it seems to be letting in too much light for good pictures (or maybe it's just getting accustomed to the unfamiliar sunlight)! 

At any rate, the pictures I took outdoors didn't come out at all....and these indoor ones aren't much better.

I'm wearing some light denim capris that I bought to wear on our vacation next week.  (I broke down and got them to tide me over until I can fit back into my wardrobe.)   They are comfortable, and the $3.25 price was fine with me!
 I checked out the shoe situation and found several comfortable open-toed shoes waiting for the wearing!
I chose these today.
All clothing items thrifted, of course!
I'm giving the furnace a rest today.  I'll be out of the house most of the day.
A study group this morning followed by lunch.
I'm taking my simple (but tasty) corn chowder.
"Good enough to serve the President of the United States," the recipe boasts!

wearing of the green

Wearing the green today...adding a Christmas pin for whimsy.  Why not?
"Rejoice. Definitely!"
EVERYTHING purchased at one time or another from a thrift store!
(If you haven't weighed in on my dilemma, 
PLEASE take a peek at my prior post!)

a dilemma

Late last autumn we moved this love seat into our living room to replace a larger, vintage couch.  I've not been sorry about the decision.  However....there is a slight tear on the arm.  It's about the size of a dime.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to cover or mend it myself.  I'm open to any creative suggestions.

What would YOU do? (A new love seat is NOT an option!)

two newly found treasures

As soon as I saw its Pfaltzgraff mark, I knew I wanted this dish.
I scratched at the dirt & grime that covered it and saw that it would clean up.
So glad I found it.  Twenty cents.
It matches my set and I don't have this particular piece.
Another 20 cent bargain!  
"I feel that, in the heavens above
The angels whispering to one another 
Can find among their burning termz of love
None so devotional as that of Mother."


Yesterday - wore this light, short jacket over a white sweater to church with a black velvet skirt.
It's a stay-at-home-day today.  I have household chores to do 
so choose to be comfortable.
Everything purchased at thrift stores.
I'm wearing my transitional-sized clothes
looking forward to smaller sizes

brooch day at lady bugs

From left to right:  A hand-painted floral, a bird of paradise, a colorful hand-made floral, a turquoise/faux pearl, and a celluloid child's pin with eyes that jiggle...
When I couldn't decide which brooch to wear for our monthly meeting of Lady Bugs, I decided to go with several of my more unusual ones...
A bit of color for this gray, overcast day.
All were acquired at thrift stores except the turquoise/pearl one which I actually selected at a jewelry exchange at Lady Bugs' meeting last year.

green and thrifted

In the past, "green" referred to a color - not an ecological movement!
Last week, I bought this green Bible at a thrift store.  Except for the first page, filled in with the name of the presenters, the recipient, and the occasion (in memory of a relative), it didn't appear that anyone had ever opened it!  Inside are several full-colored pictures....
...and some blank pages ready to receive family information.
These six pale green cafeteria style trays were actually FREE at a garage sale last summer. 
I couldn't NOT bring them home with me!
Years ago, we either thrifted or "rescued" the footstool. 
I found the fabric at a thrift store.  I like the pattern on it.
The light isn't quite right to show the beautiful green background of this lamp that sits on our piano.
The lamp, too, was a thrift store purchase.
This hardy plant sits on top of an old, upright radio cabinet. 
It is one of the very few plants that has thrived in our house. 
I believe it could legitimately be considered "green" by old AND new standards.

eat your heart out, affordable

The name of the shop escapes, me...but anytime we travel west on Highway 24, we allow time to stop and shop at this thrift store in Watseka, Illinois.  A 25 cent rack of clothes is the first place I head to!  Last week, I found this man's overcoat with a Watseka label.

Eat you heart out, Affordable!  (Actually, anyone reading this should check his blog out.  It's one of my favorites.)
 It's's's spotless...
 ...and I ♥ every detail about it!
Did I say "the price was right"?

comfortably cluttered

#1 Recession tip: move things around!
....impact of blogging
Christiane Lemieux, author of "Comfortably Cluttered", interviewed.
Comfortably Cluttered - that's MY style!
"Provenance isn't as important to us as living with things we like..."
It was a good evening at Borders tonight. I especially enjoyed the article from which these excerpts were taken.   I am happy to have found the name of my decorating style - "Comfortably Cluttered"!