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"It is not just that the French bring style and sophistication to everything they do. Or that their attention to detail defines good taste. Nor is it the passion that they bring to their personal space, making their architecturally and culturally rich country an even more strikingly beautiful place to live. Rather, it is, in fact, all of these things. And, their example of combining the ordinary with the extraordinary is inspiring."
Betty Lou Phillips

SO incredible! Tiny maximalistic house

Gallery of Painted Furniture


NOT French, but amazing  gisele-dailly-van-waterschoot-van-der-gracht/
Not French either - but my style :) 

Endlessly Fascinating Interviews / Interiors !

Janie Fox 
Janie's Girls! 

An amazing outdoor tour of a property that's right "up my alley"!

A colorful tour  http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/elizabeths-colorful-and-imagin-146539#_

an exterior and interior Bohemian dream

Cottage kitchens 

California "tile" house - very Boho in my opinion!

I may NEVER exhaust these "Eclectic Homes"!

Tiny Houses 

Inviting, bohemian-styled place.
More Boho, with explanations of the style!

Photo/picture collages on walls 

Tour our space - appealing decorating in small spaces

 Effortless and appealing - Oh, how I love that concept

Some really creative "touches"/ideas in this home tour!

Bohemian style - one of my favorites...

Haitian style (albeit wealthy style) Really amazing!

Enduring Style

Portraits and other paintings in unexpected places

A place I absolutely adore....

Lindenhof's kitchen, "heart" of the home

Be still my heart!  Magnolia Pearl's property.
and more of M.P. HERE.

Here's another home I like - just quirky & wonderful....

Pinterest - possibly the largest white ironstone board EVER!

Clever Kitchen!

Children's Rooms....  

She must be kind of close to me.... NE Indiana