Finally layer, layer, layer. The thing I hate the most about kitchens is how sterile they often look and feel. Softening them up will help endlessly. I stack my recipe books out along the counter, and use runner rugs along the floor. My decorative console in front of the window displays fruit bowls, candles, lights, plants, herbs and sculptural accessories… you name it. Don’t forget art too!  (Abigail Ahern)

 Me, too!  A uniform!

Ideas for using pallets

Christmas decor (2014)

40 "tips" from the French - most all of which I find attractive and desirable.....

How to de-clutter/simplify.   A couple of fresh ideas - I especially liked the one about "doubles"

(Abigail) Lastly take a moment to step back and see what’s missing. I moved a plant from one room onto the kitchen counter and although it’s the smallest change it’s totally revamped the island. I’ve layered cutting boards like a back splash almost against the wall. Decanted all the fruit into big bowls or slate platters and although super simple (it) is those little details that take it from drab to fab!

Great party ideas - boys/sports, etc.

 Vintage Christmas - EPIC!

Standard sizes - tableclothes, bedding, etc. 

Abigail Ahern share her tips for decorating a room - "Let the eye travel"  (Vreeland)

Tips for healthy/frugal lifestyle

 "MY" kitchen - several ideas to incorporate here at 17612. 

for me the most successful rooms are ones that have something in them that make you gasp or  take a big lug of air. They make you want to linger longer and take them in. You know how some hotel lobbies just make you want to hang out there forever and a day because they resonate with the senses
(Abigail Ahern)

 8 Styling Principles from Bohemian Vintage
  1. Needs
    • A place for books for guests to pick up at the ready!
  2. Texture
    • Found in the mushrooms and the hmong pom poms
  3. Placement
    • Items were placed to look like mini collections (the books, the plants)
  4. Shape
    • The rectangular tray is contrasted by the roundness of the mushroom tops and the plant pots.
    • More round shapes incorporated with the hmong pom poms
  5. Bling
    • The yellow planter has some shimmer, thus bringing some *bling* to the mix
  6. Botanicals
    • Hello??? Plants! : ) 
  7. Pattern
    • In the scarf and the books
  8. Color
    • Found in the pom poms, the scarf, the botanicals, the yellow planter and the books!
List of 100 items that disappear first in a disaster

A great list of "pantry items" to have on hand!

Painted upholstered chairs!

Practical Suggestions for Simplicity

Simplicity!  Wow!

Further Community for Simple Living

paper flowers - tutorial

A strong encouragement to women to be "workers at home"  

ideas for blogging/organizing blogs, selling, etc.
Anthea’s Top Ten tips
  1. You can’t run a home that’s a mess, so first of all you have to de-clutter it. If it’s not beautiful, useful or seriously sentimental - IT GOES. Charity shop or bin (you decide what’s best).
  2. There’s no getting away from it, you have to clean - often and frequent is my tip.
  3. When cleaning always start by dusting first, once everything’s cleaned down then hoover and wipe floors.
  4. Make your house a home. Consider your house from an aesthetic point of view, does it make you feel good. If not what can you add to it to make it more appealing.
  5. Run your home like a business and treat it with the same seriousness. Think about how you could run your home more efficiently, certain days for food shopping, budgets etc.
  6. Storage is very important, for instance - don’t have winter coats on the coat rack during summer, store them away, think about shrink wrapping them if necessary.
  7. Teamwork is also really important, when your children get to a certain age they can help with household chores, putting dirty washing away, cleaning and tidying away their toys etc.
  8. Avoid Wastage. If you cut up a lemon and have a dishwasher put the left over half into the dishwasher. It adds a little ting and sparkle in your wash.
  9. Get organised. Purchase a diary you can pin on your kitchen wall and put every event and birthday into this diary.
  10. Finances, keep them up to date - if you have bills to pay keep everything in one place or buy a folder to keep them in.
Wax Fruit

Powdered milk - esp. in a household like ours with only 2 people in it (neither of us are milk-drinkers).

I've revived the practice of having a "mending pile" and a "mending hour" each week. Yesterday, all that was necessary was to find a matching button and sew it on!

CLEVER, TIME-SAVING, and DO-ABLE!   Don't be deceived by the title of this post!  When you get there, scroll down (when you have some time) and check out some of these GREAT tips for frugal, efficient living!  I'm doing them about 5 at a time.  You can kind of get a hint of their subject matter by the titles....

Living Off the Smell of an Oily Rag - tips for frugal living

An amazing "studio"!

Another "amazing studio"!

 Christmas tartan cookies & decorations

MANY more tips for frugal living! 

Creative stuff  & interesting writing style

Tons of unique ideas for repurposing!

vintage trailer