table talk

...cloth napkins with individual rings to identify and (hopefully) reuse from one meal to the next...

Since my father came to live with us, we are eating more meals at home than we did over the past few years.  I am REALLY enjoying planning, shopping, and serving a variety of economical and healthy meals.  I'm thankful for the circumstances that resulted in our at-home mealtimes.

Gary and I don't eat breakfast, so my father fixes his own.  Gary makes our coffee and we gather around the breakfast table to share a devotional time - Bible reading and prayer.  We are generally able to eat our lunches together as well as the evening meal.  After cleaning up in the evening, we linger at the table to play table games.  More than usual, we are also inviting friends to join us around our table.  These times, too,are so pleasurable and rewarding.

After reading some Wendell Berry essays, I realize that community is happening around our table in fresh ways for us in this season of life.  It set me to wondering if there are any ways I can make our table experiences even more delightful.  So, I googled it and found these two paragraphs that encouraged me to keep up my quest. The article also suggested a few ways to perk up an ordinary meal.

All our senses are involved when we eat. When a plate of food is appealing to the eye, has a wonderful aroma, and a variety of flavors and textures, we take note. And we usually rate those meals as not only more pleasant but more satisfying, too. 

If your eating has become routine—and your meals look the same, day after day—that could spell trouble. In an attempt to get more satisfied, you may find yourself eating more but enjoying it less.
Before we find ourselves eating more but enjoying it less,  I'm adding a couple simple, small touches - beyond the foot itself - to our table.  I'll let you know what those "touches" are, if the men I share the table with notice, and how our table experience is affected (if at all).

 Meanwhile, what are some of the ways YOU make YOUR ordinary table experience a special one?


  1. Will be interested to hear more. I love "eating at table" a house full of men it often wasn't appreciated, but I tried often anyway. I changed glass wear dining table I used knife rests, glass coasters, and in old days, candles. Not to be hoity toity but to be different, to be interesting.

    1. I'm thinking these cloth napkins in place of disposables...a change up in background music (I seem to revert to the same old/same old), and a flower or two as long as they are so easily accessible from outside our back door... A candle is a possibility for one of the meals, too...

  2. I'm sorry to say our table experience is mainly chaos. All different meals, headphones, dogs circling...Thinking I need to reclaim the supper table!

    1. There are definitely "seasons" in life that affect our tables. Hang in there! This too shall pass :)

  3. Replies
    1. This is on my list (for our evening meal tonight). I just used the regular place mats this noon... I just KNEW I'd find some encouragement from you here.


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