potting benchless

Good-bye to this.
We brought it 'round from the side of the house
to repaint and sturdy up.
Gary made it years ago from recycled wood.
It LOOKED great
and occasionally we used it to hold picnic buffets.
We decided to see if it would sell on a local Facebook sale site. 
It did within hours of being posted!
So we are potting benchless now (and a few dollars richer)!
No complaints.


  1. How adorable it is...er..was. I was decorating it in my mind. I imagine everyone who saw it wanted it.

  2. :)
    The older we get, the less we need. I liked the idea of it,
    but live with the reality of downsizing -- eventually.

  3. Love this. I can see why it sold right away. xo


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