casual and cozy

 I love casual, cozy environments....
 like this one at the Agora on Waldo's Hill in Antwerp OH...
It's a fine place to gather
or to enjoy solo.
What kind of atmosphere do YOU like in a coffee shop?


  1. We do have a coffee shop (part of a chain) in the art gallery but its not really somewhere I visit unless, like tomorrow, I'm meeting friends as its next to the railway station. Yours is lovely, really inviting.x

  2. I agree with you...casual along with comfy is good...although I might be in tea shop rather than a coffee one. Our local square has a new coffee shop that is going over big. Comfy chairs...some tables...wifi...and tea too!

  3. I think comfy is the most important part of a room. Waving hello to you!

  4. I like comfy chairs with a footstool...a table with a lamp beside it..a nice room size a quiet corner spot. Your coffee shop looks very relaxed and inviting.

  5. I like comfy but I also like a table to put my coffee on if I'm in a coffee shop. The painted floor in your photo caught my attention. Nice!



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