by candlelight...

Our electricity went out last night.
Rumor had it that it would be 1:30 a.m. before power was restored.
By the remaining light of day, I gathered candles and hunted frantically for working flashlights.
By nightfall, we were comfortably settled in to enjoy a calm, quiet evening.
I think I'll just let these candles sit on the tray and light them now and then
when I want another calm, quiet evening
(and restock our flashlights' bulb/battery supply).
As happy as I am that power was restored,
there is something to be said for the peace and calm of an evening
without all the "artificial" pleasures that electricity enables.


  1. That sounds like a peaceful relaxing evening enjoying candle light.

    1. It WAS! I even read a chapter or two of a book.

  2. So nice! What are your reading Rebecca? I watched a PBS Wuthering Heights last night that was so good - I have to read it. Again!

    1. Well, since you asked - I'm currently reading My Spirit Rejoices, by Elisabeth LeSeur. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but is her journal (primarily "spiritual"). The timing is right for me somehow.... I have a book on hold and am looking forward to reading it--A Small Place in Italy, by Eric Newby. I enjoy real-life stories of life in Italy, Greece, Provence, etc.

  3. Candlelight is so lovely. I like to eat by candlelight, but have to wait for winter to do so. It's not getting dark here until 8 pm. Too late for dinner at our place. :)


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