in with the old

 Seemed like the right time to figure out
 where I'd stored the early autumn decorations.
 Having found them,
 I was pleased with the ones I'd chosen to keep last year at the end of the season.
"In with the old," is my motto this year.
All but the white one with a lid (which I made in a ceramics store)
were thrift store finds.
I doubt that ANY of them are in the same place this year as last...
I'm enjoying the small change of scenery.


  1. Love your autumn decor, Rebecca! Especially the white ceramic pumpkin! Beauty in the simplicity! I just finished decorating my home for autumn as well. My favorite season for sure!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I'll add a few more "Thanksgiving type" late next month. I have several turkey and pilgrim items which I'll add to the pumpkins. I got rid of a lot of the excess of THOSE, too. SO freeing not to have to decide what to do this year--just open the basket and figure out where to put the few I have...

      Thanks for checking in, Sandy. You're so frequently in my thoughts. ♥

  2. Autumn with it's fall colors is the best time of year. That grinning jack o lantern is my favorite.

  3. You kept some great fall decorations, Rebecca. I'm impressed with your ceramics ability -- the white pumpkin is lovely. The light in the first photo is so warm and inviting. I love how the patina on the pumpkins subtly glows. I'm admiring the runner/table topper under the white pumpkin. Is that a twined piece? It looks like it could be; very interesting to me as twining is how I make my rugs. Whatever the case, it's a great piece, and the colors are very nice. I see I've got some catching up to do on your blog. You've been posting a lot while I've been "unplugged". Hugs to you, dear friend. Thank you for stopping by.


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