pleased as punch

After many hours of contemplation,
we decided to leave this hanging rack in its rustic condition.
My wonder-working husband dismantled an old, useless ladder
to fashion this 57 1/2" long piece.
I envision it hanging in a laundry room or entry hall.
I have neither --
so we're posting it on a few Facebook buy/sell pages.
Meanwhile, I'm "pleased as punch" at this re-purposed item!

I looked up the etymology of that phrase and found this at Mental Floss:
The pleased Punch in question is not a drink, but a puppet. 
The traditional, ages-old Punch and Judy puppet shows feature the married couple 
battling each other with clubs. 
 In the original story,line hunchbacked, hook-nosed Punch 
eventually beats not only his wife to death, but also his infant child, 
with a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer and the Devil. 
Punch is deliciously self-satisfied with his sadism, constantly uttering his catchphrase: 
“That’s the way to do it!” Punch’s strutting pride in his awful deeds is what led to the coining of the phrase of being “pleased as Punch.”

Hmmmmm.  Maybe it's NOT a phrase I should continue using! 


  1. Very nice rack, Rebecca. Hope it sells fast. But gosh, I don't think I'll ever use the term "Pleased as Punch" again. Susan

  2. Good luck with selling the rack!

  3. Love the rack. I would love it in both the laundry and the entryway, but too far to pick up! Yuck on the Pleased As Punch statement. I use it all the time, but now won't for sure!


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