recreational thrifting

 It's been a long time since I've had such good luck at a thrift store!
 Yesterday, squeezed in between reading sessions (see more HERE)
  my husband and I stopped in to a thrift store that is TRULY a thrift store.
 $8.25 bought us a beautiful pillow, a jigsaw puzzle, four tops and a skirt and a jacket for me, and a     pair  of jeans for him!
A recent purge of several pieces of clothing I no longer wear
left space in my drawers and closet. 
I am thrilled to have these "new" items that will perk up my spring/summer wardrobe.
And the pillow!!!!  A real beauty.


  1. I love needlepoint, Rebecca. Glad you found so many nice treasures at such a great price. Susan

  2. Isn't it soooo satisfying to have a good thrifting day! Ahhhh!

    1. Indeed. (I don't "thrift" nearly as much as I used to, but this was really rewarding!)


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