inside out

Inside - enjoying the delicate beauty of these padded hangers.
At only  a quarter per bundle of three, I brought all three bundles home!
Meanwhile, outside...
we took advantage of the beautiful weather we've been enjoying 
to steady up and improve this free cabinet.
My husband will place it in the shed behind him
to organize our "stuff" a little better.
What fun it is to improve life "inside and out" with inexpensive "finds"...


  1. Love those hangers. You can also sprits a little scent on them to linger in your closet. Nice cabinet!

  2. Hi Rebecca....You and your hubs are very industrious! Love the hangers. Love the cabinet. Have a terrific weekend! Susan

    1. We have our moments of industry :) You have a terrific weekend, too, Susan. (We're looking forward to a housewalk in an older, historic neighborhood tomorrow. One of my favorite things to do!)

  3. That is true indeed I should look for something like that to use by my horses and tack shed that would be great!! thanks for sharing Love Heather


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