possibly again...

 While waiting for a load of clothes to dry this morning,
 I decided to photograph some of the "fowl" that have flocked to the
dining area of our kitchen.
 and low,
 they perch.
 Silent (and sometimes dusty) sentinels
 filling most available nooks and crannies.
Most all of them are garage sale
or thrift store purchases.
Perhaps my favorite is this life-sized rooster lamp--
a ceramic piece painted by my dear grandmother years and years ago.
I checked posts appearing under my "collection" label in the sidebar
and ran out of patience scrolling through the 60+ posts.
I find it hard to believe I haven't posted about this collection already...
but maybe not.......
ANYway, here it is.  Possibly again.


  1. Cute "Fowl" collection! Love the rooster lamp! My grandmother made a rooster picture out of seeds many years ago. Not surprisingly it has not survived.

  2. I haven't seen this collection.
    It is lovely...especially the one your grandmother painted.

  3. Beautiful rooster... but my faves are the white swans up with the white dishes...

    1. Oh, I like them, too....If I found another at the right price (or free), believe me, it would be added to the "flock"!

  4. Hi there! what an amazing and wonderful collection you have, I do love how they all look together! xxx

  5. Hello Rebecca....Enjoyed seeing your cluck cluck, quack quack, glide glide, cockadoodle do collection! Susan

  6. My grandmother painted a rooster lamp too!! It is much more colorful and has a barrel shade with green fringe trim. I love it. A few days ago I asked my Mother about it. She can't remember where it is and I am heartsick that she may have gotten rid of it. I should have asked her for it sooner because I know she never liked it. But really, my parents never get rid of anything so it has to be there somewhere. I am hopeful that she finds it and lets me bring it home next week when I am there for a visit.

    1. My Mom just called and said she found it in the backyard shed. I will have it next week! I really think ours is the same piece just painted differently. My Dad said she made it when he was 10 so it is 65 years old.

  7. I have a thing for white swans. Lovely...

  8. Your "flock of fowl" are lovely, I adore the painting of the rooster, your rooster lamp is very sweet, too!


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