not perfect, but better....

 Yesterday, my husband brought this dollhouse into our living room,
lifting the wing of a gate-leg table we'd recently moved in to set it on.
He spent a couple of hours repairing/re-doing parts of the
partly assembled piece I'd purchased via a facebook garage sale site
earlier this year.
 He's a patient person, this man of mine!
He's at it again this Christmas Day--at least until it's
time to drive the hour distance to spend the afternoon with my parents.
"Not perfect, but better," he pronounced as he stepped back to
view one of the improvements....


  1. Christmas Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Its going to be so beautiful. Nice husband to do this for you!

  3. Sounds like a quiet endeavor he is on since he is a patient one. A place for future fantasies! How nice. Enjoy your day and Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Hi Rebecca, that is going to be a GREAT dollhouse! Especially if your hubs is working on it! Hope your Christmas has been great. Susan

  5. Hello Rebecca, I saw your comment at Claudia's MBHC blog so just had to come over and see if there was anything about your dollhouse already posted and here she is! What a delightful little house, it's going to be a lot of fun to bring it to life. I have a miniatures tutorials board on my Pinterest that may be of interest to you as you go along, there's a link to my Pinterest on my blog. Have fun and good luck!! (Norma - Sydney, Australia)

    1. Thanks, Norma! I'm coming right over to "meet and greet"! We've brought several others to life, too. We're not as professional as some folks are, but sure have fun doing it!

  6. I've always wanted a doll house but never owned one. It will be fun to furnish it I'll bet. Hope you and your family enjoyed a lovely Christmas.


  7. ohhh I love doll houses I have always wanted to build one! Enjoy ~Love Heather

  8. WOW, I just love doll houses!!! And I'm sure you and you're husband will do a great job with this one. Looking forward to see more.....
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Rebecca with your family.
    I wish you're having blessed and Happy Holidays.
    Love your way, dear


  9. I see some fun times ahead as you guys rebuild and decorate...I need to get myself one.....

  10. This is a fun project! Your husband is such a patient man!

  11. What a lovely doll house! I'm so happy your guy is patient so he can leave this Little house perfect!
    Hope you had a lovely C'mas.

  12. Looks like it will be enjoyed immensely by a little someone sometime Rebecca! How great that your hubby is so good at this. Everyone loves a dollhouse!


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