counting sheep

 Coming across this white fence in our game closet
while searching for something else....
 I thought, "Why not?"
It fits just right around our tabletop tree
and contains my small collection of sheep.
EVERYTHING was purchased at a thrift store
except for the table which I think was a garage sale purchase...
 I added a few "stray" shepherds from incomplete nativity sets.
 ....and some additional sheep.
After I figure out a good way to cover the tree stand itself,
this little project will be done!


  1. You have an adorable collection of sheep and the fence is perfect. Amazing how it fits the table, they were made for one another.


  2. The sheep and fence are a great addition to the Christmas tree, sweet and whimsical. I love it.

  3. White fence, white sheep...perfect for y our house since I remember lots of white...from pictures.

  4. Creative idea! Love how it came out.

  5. Very sweet. I love sheep and the fence is great, too. We need to decorate to please ourselves.

  6. Adorable! The Nativity under the C'mas tree is lovely all in White! A beautiful post and sweet as well.
    Happy holiday season sweet lady. Thank you for your kind comment.

  7. Cute, Rebecca. I love sheep! Yours are adorable. Susan


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