parting is such sweet sorrow

Yes, it really is (such sweet sorrow),
but I really MUST.
The time is w-a-y past due. 
I need to begin somewhere.
 I hope to find a buyer who will get as much enjoyment from them as I have...
 After my husband removed a rope inset in this wood frame,
he sanded it and I gave it a coat of white paint.
Frames "make" a picture, I think.
So when I found this one at a garage sale on the way to a thrift store this past weekend,
I snatched it up!
With or without a picture, it will find a place SOMEwhere.


  1. Sometimes we just have to make room. Hope you find a delighted buyer.


    1. :) Thanks, Darla. (You're SO right!)

    2. I have been doing a little weeding myself. One just has to constantly shift and weed to stay ahead of the stuff. I have gathered things for my sister (divorce) for seven months now and not flea marketed for myself. Suddenly I feel so crowded and with too many things here. My tastes are life is slowing (and stiffening!). So much of what I have no children I need to find people who do want my kind of vintage!

    3. Exactly, Bookie (exactly for the sister)! :)

  2. The frame is really nice love the white paint ~Heather

  3. I like the white frame better and I like the artwork. Lucky buyer!
    Thanks for your sweet visit lovely lady.
    Have a wonderful week, ahead.


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