evolution of a console table.

 I failed to photograph the originals that resulted in this evolution.
 Its legs came from a crib we found abandoned on a curb.
The top (half-oval) is one half of a coffee table purchased very inexpensively.
(My husband was attracted by its legs and hopes to use them on another project.)
I suggested he saw the top in half and create TWO console or sofa tables.
This is the end result!
Imagine my pleasure to read Abigail Ahern's praise for console tables....
 I’m a bit obsessed with consoles as they have been the biggest game changer in my house. 
Skinny, narrow they flag the walls and enable me to style them up with stacks of books, 
scented candles,  picture frames, lamps, and so forth. 
 The evolution is all finished except for the accessorizing!
AND we're currently searching for four legs for a second console table...

we call it HOME

 Yesterday  I had fun setting up the eating area of our kitchen
for a rather informal Salad & Dessert Luncheon.
 In order to accommodate an unknown number of guests,
I slanted the main table in the room and put a tablecloth over the dropleaf
(shown "naked" above after the fact).
 The room looked attractive to me, somehow...
so this morning while cleaning up, I snapped some photos.
 I realize that most people would probably not place three tables in such a small space,
but it's what has "happened" here.  And it feels quite homey to me.
 I'm also aware that furniture in its natural or stained wood state is not in vogue,
but except for our curbside-found mantel and a few picture frames, 
most everything we have retains its original wood tones.
As I look around, I mentally calculate how little money we've actually spent
in this room.  The furniture and accessories have mostly been free, thrifted or gifted--
and we call it HOME.

low cost fun and finds

I collect white ironstone so this Meakin gravy was a no-brainer
when I saw it on my favorite thrift store's shelf recently.
 These two vintage plaques with Scripture verses on them
were garage sale finds last weekend.  
I treasure BOTH of them.
And while we're on the subject, how about this unusual bust of Christ?
(Actually, there were two of them.  The person selling them at her garage sale
thought they were bookends.  They certainly are heavy enough!)
   And finally, this bracelet! 
I paid a quarter for it.  It caught my eye before I realized what it was made from...
I decided to buy it if for nothing else - a pattern.


(My prior post shows it in process...)

paint on

 We had no problem making the decision to purchase the table-height stand (above) 
at a garage sale a few weeks ago. 
Then, last week, we purchased two full cans of a good quality paint at 
another garage sale.  $8 a gallon!
 After putting the final coat of paint on this table (a thrift store purchase),
my husband turned his attention to painting the Mersman table.
I can't wait to show off the final result!

i can't stop loving you

I can't!  I simply can't pass up a low-priced
"naive" painting (as I've heard them called).
What do you call them?
I'm going to distress the frame a bit further and then put a clear wax on it.

more white ironstone

 Brown tags were 1/2 off!  
So it was a little difficult to pass up these 6 white ironstone mugs.
 Removing the sticker, I found this mark - a buffalo with a number
 on four of the mugs.  The other two were marked Oneida.
I'm still researching the origins of these heavy pieces--
and at only seventeen cents, I'm thrilled to add them to my collection of white ironstone.
(Though it's not soup season, I think they'd make wonderful soup mugs!)

another picture for my wall

Honestly, this is just my favorite thing going on right now!
While browsing a thrift store  on Saturday with nothing particular on my mind,
I saw this.  I went weak in the knees!
It's large.  It's perfect.  A 1941 lithograph.
I need another picture like a "hole in the head" (as we used to say)...
but I HAVE it anyway.