corners and angles

The high winds drove the cold right through the walls of our old house yesterday!
I moved my recliner to  a place where the draft was not so pronounced.
Sitting in a new position, I saw our room with fresh eyes!
One thing led to another.....and before long, I had moved two of these chairs
into position on either side of a small desk in front of our stairs....
Yes.  That's a stack of books you see on the steps in the background.
It's not their permanent home.
...and here is another corner to be dusted and rearranged.
Kind of makes me happy to sit and look at things from the first angle!
By the way, if you SEE it in these photos, you can be pretty sure
it came from a thrift store or garage sale....


  1. Well the furniture might be thrifted but your home looks elegant and magazine-worthy. You've got a great eye for a chic interior. x

  2. I think your home looks very lovely dear Rebecca. Buying from a thrift store or a garage sale is a great way to shop, so is curbside.

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  3. Pictures of your home always make me wish I werer there. Your rooms look like home and are inviting.

  4. I sometimes move about and have a sit in different spots in a room, both looking about the room and then out the windows, too. That's why i now have clumps of iris and daffodils planted beneath the old privet bushes at the edges of the yard! I wanted to see color in those spots. It's a slow start but a start on 'furnishing' the outdoors, lol.

  5. I love your have a talent of making things interesting and inviting. I wish I could move things around but the way the apartment is layed out and the size it is difficult to do.


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