how do you GET inspired?

My Moleskine book - purchased to carry in my purse to record musical compositions

How do you keep yourself inspired?
"I travel as much as I can to keep my mind open. I go a lot to the beach for the fresh air. I love watching movies and I especially like French cinema aesthetic. I also read a lot; I swap between learning books that teach me something and novels that make me dream. Besides, I also try to be surrounded by creative people to both inspire and be inspired."

As much as I enjoy the photos at Freunde von Freunden,
I enjoy the interviews.  I find them stimulating, intelligent, and inspiring.
Sadly, I have found my creative side languishing recently. 
 Lola's response to the question "How do you KEEP yourself inspired?" 
contains several concrete activities that just may help me GET inspired!

By the way, how do YOU get/keep yourself inspired?


  1. Wow, I am struggling with similar feelings that you have. A friend was here this afternoon and we discussed similar things. I look for inspiration around me which does include a lot of books! Sometimes if I read the story of another or a story written in fine language, I get inspired for something in my own life. I think movement is also inspiring. (So why is it do hard to keep doing it, moving that is?) Movement and feeling well go hand in hand...then inspiration comes right along behind.

    1. Well that (lack of movement) may be a BIG part of my non-productivity. My emotional energy is spent elsewhere right now, too. Can't wait till spring. I'm thinking that will help, somehow.

  2. When I feel the need for inspiration I try something new. Not entirely new (too much energy) but lets say a new trick with something I'm familiar with. I like to knit so I've been picking patterns/projects that have one new thing about them that I haven't done before. Small projects like hats offer great opportunities. I'm currently "auditioning" hats. On my second one.


    1. I LIKE it, Darla. Best wishes on hats :)


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