idea harvesting

 I spent a couple of hours "idea harvesting"
at Barnes and Noble this afternoon.
I was pleasantly surprised by the number of new magazines on the stands, and 
(though I shouldn't have been)
by how many Christmas issues there were already.
 I was attracted to the first photo because of the layers of color,
textures, and patterns.  The room is full and interesting, in my opinion.
The last photo was attractive to me because of its simplicity.
If I remember correctly, it appeared in an article about 
savoring silence and "alone" time during the holiday season.
As usual, I returned home with fresh ideas
and enthusiasm to tweak my personal surroundings.
With many decorating blogs becoming so cluttered
and many resorting to advertising,
I found the current magazines an enjoyable alternative today!


  1. I enjoyed the decorating home style blogs so much more before everyone decided to start having those annoying pop up ads all over the place. Seems every single blog I enjoy has turned into a design business now. The magazines are looking much more appealing to me. These really are lovely pages.

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :)
      Really, Sandy....I was amazed at how many brand new magazines were on the shelves! (I don't mean "new" like a new issue, but WHOLE new magazines!)

  2. You and Sandy are both right. I too enjoyed them so much but those pop up ads are a pain and disappoint me too.
    How lucky you are dear Rebecca to find lots of new magazines at the market.
    I still check magazines for any decorating ideas.

  3. The rooms in the photos are all lovely. I too hate to click on most web stories, decorating or otherwise since there are far too many pop up ads and links that take you God knows where...where I don't want to go anyway.

  4. Hello Rebecca....What a good idea to read the magazines at Barnes and Noble. They sure carry a slew of them. Susan

  5. So many bloggers try to make money from their blogs....understandable, but still the ads can be a distraction. Plus, every where all I see is white on white...everything looks alike.

  6. I like that last picture - looks so serene. Somethings Christmas decoration looks overwhelming to me. I know, I know, lots of people love layers of things, especially during the holidays

  7. I am so not ready for Christmas to come this year. I wish for the holiday to return to natural roots and just have a worshipful day celebrating the birth with no gifts, no decorations but...well, I confess I would like to keep the feasting!

  8. Agree with Debbie...I love color and am so tired of white on white. A little white here and there goes a long way.


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